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Musician Deaths


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Mia Zapata's death shook the foundations of Seattle and her death was too soon and a tragedy of massive magnitude.


Yes.. That was quite tragic. I doubt many here are familiar with Zapata or The Gits, but I too believe Mia had alot to offer the music community. Actually it was very evident that the musical community had already taken notice of Mia. Many artists contributed both time and money to find the killer. Long after the authorities had quit sinking money and time into the case donations to hire private investigaters were pouring in. I thought I remember hearing a couple years ago that the killer had been found. I never did hear about a trial or anything else.


[edit] The murderer


MPD mugshot of Jesus Mezquia taken after his arrest.Florida fisherman Jesus Mezquia was linked to the crime in 2003 when a DNA profile was extracted from a saliva sample left on Zapata's body. It had been kept in cold storage until the STR technology was developed for full extraction. An original entry in 2001 failed to generate a positive result but Mezquia's DNA entered the national databank CODIS after he was arrested in Florida for burglary and domestic abuse in 2002.


Mezquia was originally born in Cuba, one of thousands of refugees who came to Florida as a result of Fidel Castro's Mariel Boatlift. Mezquia had an extensive criminal record in Cuba. He was one of many such criminals (about 2000) who were released from Cuban jails by Fidel Castro in order to go to Florida from Mariel. Mezquia lived in Seattle at the time of the murder, and his home address was about three blocks from where her body was found.


He had a history of violence toward women, including domestic abuse, burglary and assault and battery. All of his ex-girlfriends and his wife had filed reports against him. There was also a report of indecent exposure on file against him in Seattle within two weeks of Zapata's murder. However there was no known prior link between Mezquia and Zapata.


Mezquia never testified in his own defense and still maintains his innocence. The theory is that he saw her leave the bar or some 20 minutes afterwards and followed her at small distance before he struck. Her headset covered her ears so she was unaware until he grabbed her and dragged her to his car where he brutally assaulted her in the back seat. After strangling her, he dragged her body out of the car from under her shoulders, thus the Christ-like position in which her body was found.


A jury convicted Mezquia of Zapata's murder on March 25, 2004, and he was sentenced to 36 years in prison. The case was featured on Investigators; Forensic Files; Unsolved Mysteries; American Justice; City Confidential; I, Detective; and 48 Hours. His sentence was overturned by the Washington Court of Appeals but was resentenced to 36 years in 2009.

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Theres quite a few deaths in rock music that have saddened me, but none of them have ever really affected me in any real way.

While not a musician, but certainly connected to one, the one death that really affects me still to this day, as every time I talk about it to someone it chokes me up, was the death of Skylar Neil.


The section in the book The Dirt, about her, had me in tears...and I dont even particularly like kids.

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Theres quite a few deaths in rock music that have saddened me, but none of them have ever really affected me in any real way.

While not a musician, but certainly connected to one, the one death that really affects me still to this day, as every time I talk about it to someone it chokes me up, was the death of Skylar Neil.


The section in the book The Dirt, about her, had me in tears...and I dont even particularly like kids.


me too, ive read that book 3 times and that section is always hard to get through, and im not exactly a sobber either :(

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With out a doubt it has to be ROBIN CROSBY.


Backed he was great guitar player and songwriter and it was horrilbe the way he went out.


Yeah the boys of RATT kind of fucked him over in the end, but I guess you really can't blame them too much.

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Jim Morrison

Brad Delp

Randy Rhoads

Layne Staley

Robbin Crosby

Mike Baker

Ray Gillen

Eric Carr

Freddie Mercury

Cliff Burton

Kevin DuBrow

John Bonham

John Entwistle

Keith Moon

Bon Scott

Jimi Hendrix


Way too many to list!!

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With out a doubt it has to be ROBIN CROSBY.


Backed he was great guitar player and songwriter and it was horrilbe the way he went out.

Yeah, that'd be no.2 on my list. Sad loss.

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This is another one who has slipped under the radar.........

His vocals on Music Box Blues sends the shivers down your spine :bowdown:





I've just got hold of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD's and DVD and have been blown away by them.The best song from the CD's and DVD is a track called Music Box Blues and the reason for that is the vocal's from Daryl Pediford which is mind blowing.His voice is so powerful and is without doubt a talent that has been missed along the way so i thought i would check out their web site to find out more about the band and Daryl because his voice was pure class and i wanted to see who else he sung for because this guy had got my attention in a very big way and what do i see soon as i go onto the site but this;



TSO News



It is with deep sorrow that we have to announce the passing of our bandmate Daryl Pediford. He was a magical talent and for those of you who had the opportunity to see him light up the stage, you know how much he will be missed.

It was a blessing to be able to spend time with such a spirited soul. We treasure the time we had with him both personally and professionally.


Daryl Pediford was more than a fellow band member, more than a friend.


He was our brother



I don't fuckin' believe it. One listen and i had this guy up with the best!!! :bowdown: R.I.P......This has blown me away.

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I remember being on the bus going to school when Randy Rhoads died and someone reading the newspaper saying, "Ozzy's guitarist was killed." I couldn't believe it and grabbed the paper out of the guy's hands and just stared at the story the whole way to school. I was devastated and ruined for doing anything productive that day. It was the first time anyone I had looked up to had died.


>> And Ugh thanks for bringing up Layne, his death get's so run over by Cobains its a shame and let me tell you Layne was one of the nicest people I have ever shared space with. <<


Layne slept / passed out on my bedroom floor for 2 nights when they were down in LA, right after they had signed their deal. Layne was TOO nice of a person.

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When I original posted this... I left the one death that hit me the hardest off my list. I guess that is because I never really looked at him as a musician. I always looked at him as a friend. That musician was Jeff Reid (original bass player for SR-71). Jeff was a great guy...he never had a negative thing to say about anyone, always had a smile on his face, and would always go out of his way to help anyone (even a stranger). Even after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer he countinued to mke sure he went out of his way to help others. Jeff spent the last few weeks of his life in the hospital... even when there his goal was to make others smile. He would go around every day to other cancer patience at the facility and attempt to cheer them up. It's hard to imagine what it must be like to know you only have a couple weeks to live.. but Jeff never stopped being himself till the end.


Although Jeff was diagnosed with cancer prior to the recording of SR-71's second release the vocalist (Mitch) asked Jeff to record. Jeff was more worried about Mitch finding a replacement bassist because he knew he wouldn't be able to tour after the "Tomorrow" CD was released. Jeff was convienced to record the entire release with SR-71. After Jeff informed Mitch of the cancer Mitch wrote a song about what he was feeling after being informed. It is one of the most heart-felt songs I have ever heard. Gives me goosebumps every time I hear the song (In My Mind). I guess the song means more to me then it would an average listener because I knew Jeff for years. It just gives me chills knowing that Jeff recorded the bass parts on the tune.



SR-71 ~ "In My Mind" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y6K1KORZzQ

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I never cared much for the death of any musician until ofcourse Gregg Fulkerson's time was up.

Tears aren't enough for this great musician, I still find myself among my friends shedding tears on this.

Blue Tears's 4 albums will always be close to me, thier first 3 cds will always be personal favourites.

I feel priviledged & honoured to have met the man & seen Blue Tears live a few years back.

Easy come & easy go but sometimes it can really hurt, Blue Tears forever, R.I.P Gregg :beerbang:

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