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R.I.P. Marcel Jacob


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Tommy Denander just broke the news on the Noticeboard at MR.com:




and it is addressed here on JSS' site:




Seems he took his own life... very sad. Hopefully he has found peace.




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OMG. Was just thinking about when the next Talisman disc would be out - very sad news. R.I.P....

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Wow - very unexpected. Marcel was a great bass player and will certianly be missed.


R.I.P Marcel.

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Holy shit. I cannot believe that. This dude was a regular poster on the Melodicrock.com noticeboard too. Unbelievable. R.I.P. I will have to crank Talisman's debut in memory.

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I saw this on Blabbermouth earlier today and it's hard to believe.

I wasn't aware of what problems he was having so this is quite a shock, especially considering him taking his own life.


He was a hell of a bass player and songwriter and his co-write of Europe's "Scream of Anger" alone puts him up there in my book as a songwriter. RIP Marcel.

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my all time favorite bass player is no more. he was the guy who made me grab the bass in my teens.also the man who made me quit it. now i can forgive you for all the "genesis" thingie. you were the Johan Cruyff of bass with your "totalitarian" playing. and thus i'll always remember you like this. bon voyage, octopus! take care of yourself, octopus!





don't let it end(allegory or the bitter truth?)











you are a viking!






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