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Concert merchandise


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...did the cost of a t-shirt reach $35?!

I admit it has been awhile since I've wandered to the band merchandise booth at a concert but $35 for a regular t-shirt?

I went to the Whitesnake/Judas Priest show in St. Paul Saturday night and thought it was time to add a shirt to the wardrobe. I figured maybe $25 at the most. No way I was shelling out $35. $20 for a stocking hat. World cotton shortage? Eh, whatever.


Maybe I am living in the past. If I remember correctly I think I paid $20 for a Poison shirt in the late 80's.

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I've wanted a shirt from every show I've been too, but yeah, I think they start at au$40 at the very least and sadly I just don't have that to spend. :(

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A mate of mine just got back from seeing Swedenrock, Download, Nova and a few other european gigs and he said shirts were up to $AUD60 (about $US50) in some places.


He aslo said that european festivals are so badly organised (apart from Swedenrock) that he'll never complain about the Aussie 'Big Day Out' ever again.

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I paid $40 for an Iron Maiden shirt when I saw 'em last summer but it was my first big concert in a few years so I HAD to have it!!

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I remember when they went from 12 to 15! Seemed like a big deal then. A few years ago I was paying 35 for plus sizes, now it's around 40-45 for arena acts around here. MAIDEN stuff was a little higher than most.


A lot of smaller touring acts still have resonable prices. I think I paid 30 at TYPE O last year, UFO had some around 20. I still like to buy shirts at small shows, but they dont always have plus sizes. In fact, a lot of groups dont sell shirts at shows at all anymore.

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I think I paid $30 for my KIX shirt at last years Rocklahoma show. Couldn't resist since it was a special one printed for that particular event.


PS ~ Hope they don't do that again... Or I may be tempted again this year.... :whistle:

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It's basically how the band makes money to survive the road..


Agreed, but I also wondered if they sold them for $20 or even $25 would the bands make more money because they would sell way more shirts? I don't know but it seems to make sense to me. My brother in law would have grabbed a Priest shirt for $20 and I would have bought a Whitesnake shirt for sure...possibly a Priest shirt as well for a total of $60 for the bands. Instead we grabbed a couple of Grain Belt's and watched shows.


Which by the way, I don't know if any of you seen this tour yet. I thought Coverdale's voice was on then off at times but he had a few humorous remarks for the crowd. "Give Me All Your Love", one of my favs, was great.


For some reason the way Halford sort of sways backwards and forwards when he sings it just reminds me of Rainman.... "5 minutes to Wapner"

Anyway, they were good but they didn't play a ton of classics.

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Yeah, I tell you now for a fact that if they were au$20 I'd have a Tesla, Ratt, Winger and Faster Pussycat shirt in my wardrobe right now and they'd each have $20 from me. :)

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