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All you shit talkers


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I question the motives of all of you that say "im a sports fan" BUT!! " I can't stand the NBA" for whatever reason you give, if you truly love sports as I do, its for one thing and one thing only, the competion! I can't stop and get into sports I don't know, but those of you that turn your nose at the NBA for whatever reason, you can't honestly call yourself a sportsfan, for these finals are better then any baseball, football badmitton, nscar, etc I have ever watched, I could care less who wins in the east and tonights Cavs/Magic game was one of the greatest basketball games I've ever watched in my entire life, and I've watched a couple games, the west are just as great, the Lakers may have ran into a wall, that nobody ever thought would happen,if you know basketball andjust don't watch the nba, your being a fool, for this is the greatest competition any sports lover could hope for!!!

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Well... I'm a sportsfan and I can't stand the NBA. There isn't another sport in existence where a ref can influence the outcome like in the NBA. Nobody can argue the FACT that games are not called fairly in a high percentage of games. The NBA allows this because they know their market audiance... The celebrating and childsh behavior after every 1/2 way decent play is a joke. But again, the NBA knows their market. The thing that gets me about the NBA is that the players are so disrespectful... It's a league of thugs and those are the players the NBA pushes to the forefront. I'm not saying every player is a thug, in fact there are a few players that should be looked up to... you just never hear about those because it's a THUG league.


I went to literally 100's of NBA games in my life between 1975 and 2008 and the NBA of today is a joke. If you want to see real basketball I suggest the NCAA. I've also been to many MLB and NHL games, a few NASCAR events, and quite a few college basketball and football games... I'll take any of these over the NBA.


It's only a matter of time before we find out that the outcome of many NBA games is rigged in some way or another.

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See! you didn't watch the Cavs/Magic game tonight! and u better watch it with the "thugs" talk, just a little freindly advice, that makes you a racist! (that is sarcasm by the way) and come on man, what is Ray Lewis? what is the entire Oakland Raiders roster? and thug!!! the NFL is about to give a second chance to the biggest waste of semen to ever fertilize an egg(Shit Bag Vick) in my eyes he makes anybody in any sport look like a choirboy! plus he's held up like he was Joe Monfuckingtana! the dude couldn't even hold the ranks of Dave Archer, or Jeff George, he could run, and I'm sure ifyou put a Linebacker in at Quarterback cause he can throw, that doesn't make him a good Linebacker, so I've noticed this year the NBA refs for the most part have gotten a lot more right then wrong, and If you go ahead and watch the LA/Denver game you'll see Kobe crying like a bitch most the game, cause he's not getting his usual pampered calls, u should really check it out bro, u honestly, from one sports fan to another, are missing a special set of games!

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NBA = yawn.

I don't find a lot of interest in 7 foot dude raising their arm and dropping a ball in a 10 foot basket or jumping up and slamming the ball through, hanging on the rim and swinging back and forth a few times and then acting like they did something that required talent.

The guys that can shoot from some distance...3 pointer with a guy in their face....ok, they got some talent, but what else is there?


To your main point that I cannot call myself a sports fan if I don't like the NBA. I love baseball and football. I like to PLAY basketball. I like competition whether it is a game a pool at the bar, my Tuesday night softball league, playing a round of golf with my friends or a game of Wii Bowling. I don't like to watch pool tournaments, golf, other softball games, etc. Does this make me not a sports fan? I don't think so.


Anyway, it's all opinion. I can watch my favorite MLB team play for three hours, beer in hand, any day of the week and there are people that will say how can you sit there and watch those guys adjust their nut cup, spit their tobacco, walk around the mound of dirt throw a ball and start the process all over again? I dunno, I just like it....well, maybe not the nut cup part. :D

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Dude, come on, "requires talent"? oh yeah! absolutely NO!! talent required in basketball??? Am I going nuts? are you people fucking with me or being serious? dude I went to college to play baseball, unless your watching a pitch variation, there is absolutely no reason you would enjoy watching a no hitter!!! I eat, sleep, and drink baseball, and I know that if their aint nothin happening during a baseball game, and your not watching something inside the game itself, no living human being would find that entertaining,maybe relaxing, If it's a slugfest, then that's competion, but people that have never pitched have a hard time watching a pitching duel! now basketball is the most fast paced game of the big 3! their is roughly 1 7ft player per 3 teams, I'm saying all of you sit here and give explanations on how your sports fans, and I'm saying if you were u would be upset that you were missing out on some of the best action your gonna see, plain and simple, I don't ever watch the Nba after the Jazz get knocked out, I'm glad I kept an open mind this year, because I too would not know what I was missing out on! and come on pool, darts, horseshoes, shuffleboard,etc, you call these sports? and Nascar also right? these are hobbys, Basketball my friends is a real sport!

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Well... I suppose I can interject my two cents here...




The NBA playoffs are what, 9 months long? Gimme a break. I'll occasionally turn a game on in the playoffs (and only in the playoffs) if it's a meaningful game. I maybe watch 2 NBA games in a season. Otherwise, I'll take the NCAA tourney over the NBA playoffs every single time.


And the thuggish trash talking gets more than a little bit old. A bunch of whineybaby millionaire gangsta gorillaz posturing fo' they peeps. Here's a hint: The "N" in NBA doesn't stand for "National."


Thanks but no thanks.


P.S. On the flipside, James' shot last night to win the game was indeed impressive.

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Back in the late 80s, I remember being such a fan of the NBA. I loved Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, and the rest of the Cavs. Michael Jordan's "shot" over Craig Ehlo caused SUCH heartbreak. I remember watching, with a fair amount of interest, the Detroit Piston thugs (while talented guys like Isiah and Joe Dumars kicked the team into gear) win their titles. In the beginning (heck, even after his baseball debacle), the Bulls story was interesting.


But, with the lack of non-troubled superstars, the weakening interest I had in the NBA has pretty much gone by the wayside. I tuned into a few minutes of Game 1 of the Cavs/Magic. I mostly listened, but looked up occasionally to see what the score was. Even with Lebron James, who seems to be a fairly straight-laced fellow and something of a role model in the basketball world, considering what else is out there, I really don't have much of an interest, even in the Cavs. On thing I've ALWAYS hated was the time out thing; with all the damn timeouts, they can drag the last 90 seconds of a game out to like 8 minutes.


That said, I have NO problem admitting my close-mindedness about the NBA. Watching all the screaming, chest bumping, "yo yo"ing that's going on ON the court, not to mention all the crap going on OFF the court, I fear where the league is headed. As many bad stories as there are in the NFL, in my opinion, it's more of the exception than the rule. Between the on and off court behavior in the NBA, it's kind of the other way around.


(My interest in the NFL is only slightly behind the NBA. I can still watch a game on occasion. But, it's certainly not a need. My interest in both sports is more due to the fantasy aspect of them than watching the actual sport itself.)


I can understand your passion for the sport and wanting it to have/get respect. I feel the same way about hockey. (I don't see HOW anyone can't recognize the talent, precision, speed, and brutality can all mix together to create a blend of action that keeps you riveted to your seat/screen for hours.) So, I get your viewpoint, honest. But, until basketball changes things about it that I don't like, things that aren't really a fault of basketball so much as a fault of certain segments of society that are ignorant, unlawful, and disrespectful, I know I won't be changing my opinion. Closed-minded? Maybe. Ignorant? Probably. The way it is? You DAMN bet you it is!

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Hey now! sounds to me like you don't like basketball because your racist!!! it sounds like a a majority of people don't like the NBA because their racist! (sarcasm) well im apperantly racist, and I don't mind it, what off the court issues are all you guys pointing too? did I miss something? aside from Iverson getting caught in Kmarts parking lot smoking pot out of a pop can? let's see how many NFL players have been involved in


A.) Vehicular Homicides,

B.) Night club shooting incidents,

C.) Dog Fighting,

D.) plain shot dead???? (broncos db)

E.) shooting themselves in nightclubs???


im trying to remember the last nba player that did get into trouble? outside of The Malice At The Palace! and yes Artest is a straight up ghetto n&*(r, but Lamar Odom grew up with him, same elementary basketball team, and he's fine, so can some of you guys point me to the thuggish attitude of the NBA? since everyone of you has cited that as one of the problems of the game, im just curious?

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my lack of interest in the NBA is pretty simple. As nice as these playoffs have been you have over 70 regular season games and that is just way too many. in football you lose a game and that means a lot more than if you lose 10 in basketball. Same with baseball, way too many games plus the game of baseball has never had any interest for me.

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Not looking to start a fight here bro. If you want to label me, and why I don't watch basketball, I'm cool with that. Not going to argue it.


Aside from the on-court demeanor/attitude of many players, there have been off the court troubles aplenty. As high profile as many NFL cases? Maybe not. (Seems the annual shooting of an NFL thug in/outside of a club is bigger news. And I don't dispute the stupidity. As I said, I don't have much NFL interest. But, I can stomach watching the odd game here and there more than an NBA game.) But, there are a litany of off-court issues as well as the crap I see when turning on the TV. (Not to mention that just as soap opera-y as the NFL factor of the NBA.)


Let's just throw out Artest. He's a loser. (And that's not just because of the incident in Detroit. What about his assault/imprisonment of his wife?) Every sport is blessed with one of those. (See Terrell Owens. A-Rod. etc.) Beyond that:


#1 - The OBVIOUS #1 has to be Shawn Kemp. Fathering god knows how many children out of wedlock; miscellaneous drug arrests; semi-automatic weapons charges. Stellar role model!


#2 - Allen Iverson is such a fine, upstanding citizen, that (after a fight with her) he chased after his wife with a gun and racked up a ton of offenses. (For which he was let go because all of a sudden, the "testimony" didn't hold up. GO FIGURE!) Not to mention the many pot busts and assaults sprinkled in.


#3 - Charles Barkley - Spitting on fans. Throwing people through plate glass windows.


#4 - Chris Webber - Driving charges. Assault on police.


#5 - Kobe Bryant - Ahem. No means no.


#6 - Gary Payton and Sam Cassell - Assault on a strippers.


#7 - Isiah Thomas - Sexual harassment. Or assholery. Whatever those people in the office called it.


That's all I can grab off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more. (As there are with the thugs in football and steroided asshats in baseball. And I'm sure other stuff in other sports. I could even name an odd isolated incident there too.)


Bottom line is, for whatever reasons (those I've mentioned or those ascribed to me), I don't like the general atmosphere of basketball. Seeing kids early on that adults KNOW are easy to prey on, get rewarded with free shoes and little money, letting behavior/crimes slide or taking care of them, sneaking them into college and using them for their athletic ability while giving a shit about their grades and then discarding them like chum when they're used up. Or the ones that make it big, further giving them what they want, making their sense of entitlement and "I can do whatever the hell I want without worrying about" attitudes more license to the players themselves. (Sadly, this has permeated the NFL too.)


Slam me for whatever attitudes you want to ascribe to my words. Bottom line is, I'm not watching basketball, save the odd (part of the) game here or there. To me, it's almost the same as NASCAR, which I used to like as well, but now can't stand for more than a few seconds, just to check on the leaderboard. I would watch hockey (at any level) more than I would any other games (sports) combines. (Well, maybe except for women's college volleyball. ;) ) Hockey is the be-all and end-all for me. Basketball is the end of the world as we know it, for me. That's just how this sports fan sees it. You enjoy your stuff. I'll enjoy mine. And we can split a six-pack of Coca-Cola and live in perfect harmony. :lol:

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Ha Ha your fucking funny bro! that's cool if you call me a racist I aint denying that, don't want to fight over it! I was being a smart ass, because I flat out got called a racist by a couple people on this board! I generally wouldnt give a fuck, but I do when it's the The Law Of The Board! and I really am not racist, I just see through all the bullshit, but you can't say a fucking word if your a white male, or your a racist, my daughter plays those kind of mind games with me, she's 7, not about race, that's just the age or mentality of the whole"you can pick at me, and I can just quietly stand there" routine, I prefer the company of my own kind, that's Irish! but I cant even stand them after awhile, so, that's why myself is just fine, (kidding about Irish) but bro, I noticed you fucked up bad!!!!!! ive noticed all your examples are people "of color" did you go out of your way to single them out? Oh! wait a minute, it really is only "people of color" that are the scumbags of every sport, okay, a couple things, WARNING: RACIALLY MOTIVATED OPINION!!! I like ANYBODY!!! that conducts themselves in a manner that is civilized, regardless of race, economic class, etc. why do you suppose it is, that every example I gave and you gave, are all blacks? why is it that they make millions and excel at sports, but yet still have the medievl mindset? now not all of them are like this, Lebron James isnt a saint, but he's a good kid, who has strong morals, and opinions, and doesnt seem to get caught up in the bullshit, Id say probably the best black role model I can think of in any sport, or anywhere, outside of hip hop, he is the lone black athlete, I know alot of good black people, but you know what? they lived in white neighborhoods, but back to the point of the thread, I never played hockey, ive tried, and tried and tried to get into it, all my friends go to the pubs to watch hockey, I just can't connect, the fights are cool, I guess it's on the other end of basketball, I like more scoring, I just get to bored, when you think about it, all the athletes in all the sports in every spectrum, are absolutely BULLSHIT! they are paid unimaginable amounts of money, to play childrens games, they are over hyped, and put on a pillar, they are ALL SHITBAGS!!! and not people I want my kid looking up to!but it's entertaining, and fun to watch, so, fuck it all.

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Glad you could find the humor in my post. :lol:


I don't have to defend myself to anyone. I know what has happened in my life. I know how I live it. So does God. That's all I worry about. So, to defend myself against someone calling me racist, or any of the other crap that I'm sure has been/gets/will get thrown around, it's just not worth it.


What I didn't even realize is that you are right! All of the examples I gave were of gentlemen of the African-American persuasion. I had not realized that. I apologize if anyone is offended. (I'm sure, if you asked one of those folks, publicly, I'm sure they've VERY sorry. Privately, I'm sure it's because the media is white run and the white folk are out to make them (A-A gentlemen) look bad. As if they have NO responsibility for how they look/are presented publicly.) OK, that was a generalization, but it's one I've heard far too many times from athletes/celebrities. But, I digress.


One thing you hit RIGHT on the head, my friend, is this:

I like ANYBODY!!! that conducts themselves in a manner that is civilized, regardless of race, economic class, etc.
If I ever make a prejudgment, it's not based on any type of color or other superficial characteristic. (And this is generalized for ASSES out there that act like them. Not naming any particular gropus. Being an ASS knows no barriers.) "If you ACT like an ass, you ARE an ass, in my book. You don't want to be painted by that brush? Don't act like an ass. You don't care that you're painted by that brush? Good. I'll continue to call you/treat you like an ass. You want to label me because I think your asinine behavior makes you an ass? YOU are the one that acted like an ass. If you, and others, choose to make bad decisions and influence people's opinions, how is that MY fault. It's not MY fault if being an ass is attributable to a large segment of specific portions of certain groups to whom you belong and with which I come in contact." If you speak quietly, don't offend, don't hurt, and do the most basic to take others' feelings/well-being into account, you are a champ in my book. That's why I always observe; if you're not acting like an ass, you have NOTHING to worry about. Easy, right? ;)


You're right Leykis. We each find our niche sporting events that we enjoy. It'd be great if everyone loved it as much as we did. But, unfortunately, that's not going to happen. (Whether it's for a valid reason or not.) I used to like basketball 20 years ago... maybe even a little longer. But, between my changing tastes (I started getting into hockey right around the same time my interest in basketball started to fade.) and the changing landscape of basketball and segments of our society in general, it's just not worth it for me to be bored/aggravated. There are still aspects of the sport I enjoy. But those things aren't enough to make me look past the things I absolutely can't stand about the sport.


I don't want to derail your thread anymore (because this has devolved into a lot of non-basketball talk), but if you're interested in sharing with me certain aspects of how you were called out, shoot me a PM or something. (I'd be interested in reading that as well.)


Thanks for the conversation and understanding! :drink:

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Hey bro, it's cool, ive had a couple people send me PM's asking if I start certain threads, to flame, or incite, what would be normally cool and non caring people, into raging assholes, like I would think "god I hate N*#%@R's, Im going to start a Michael Vick thread so I can just shoot off filthy racist, crass posts" it just happens to be in sports! (trust me guys, if I wanted to peel off some straight racism, Id head over to the Deathrow, or N-TV forums, and chat rooms) so it's cool, I don't even care, I was just worked up after that Cavs!Magic game, I felt like I had just played in it, truth be told, I really don't give a fuck, my local team fucking blow, and arent in it, and unless the Nuggets can get past the Fakers, It's on to Baseball for me, unless there is another game like that one, but it would be kind of cool if the Magic or Cavs won it, as long as it's not the fucking Fakers, Spurs, Celtics, or Pistons!

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As I've mentioned in other threads in the past I'm a huge NBA and Laker fan and have been since the early 80's.


While I understand why some people don't enjoy as much as others(just as I don't enjoy NHL as much as others do), I still love the game very much although I loved it much much more back in the 80's when every touch wasn't a foul and the game was allowed to be played. But then again the NFL has become the same way where everything is a penalty, you can't breathe on a Quarterback and every little touch or accidental hit is a huge fine or penalty or even better a suspension.


As far as the talk of Thugs in the NBA we need to look no further than many Collegiate atheletes in both Football and Basketball over the years that were "Thugs" as well and many players from College are constantly getting in trouble for raping, drinking and driving and in the case of the Baylor Basketball team MURDER. There was even an NFL player that committed murder a few years back for the Panthers but while I could be wrong I don't remember one NBA player(while he was a current player) that committed murder(Jason Williams doesn't count since he was retired and it wasn't actually murder). Back to the "Thug" behavior there is some many teams both past and present that have had that perception in College Football as being in Thugish including Nebraska(Laurence Phillips), Florida State Criminals and even my Miami Hurricanes. Hopefully this post don't offend anyone as my main point is that looking back over recent history that it doesn't matter what sport and if it's professional or collegiate the fact is that there are Thugish elements present in all sports, with some of those elements being the celebrations on the field(T.O., Chad Onco Cinco Johnson plus many more) to behaviors off the field(Plaxico Burres). Wow I just relaized that the examples I used were all NFL players. Now what does that say about America's favorite league the NFL?

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Two words for me - Time Out.


Hate the sport. Sorry mate.

Here we go again Geoff! you can't hate it! you've never played it, you might hate watching it, I can't say I hate Hockey cause I've never played it, which leads me to the point I've made numerous times, that probably is why I can't get into watching it, now on the other hand, I HATE FUCKING SOCCER!!! I've played it and watched it, IT FUCKING BLOWS! yet its huge everywhere but America, in america we like games where we use our hands! I think if you played football Geoff you would find a lot of aspects u didn't know before, I know this because u like Rugby! many, I mean many American college football players, play Rugby during the off season, they are not as different as u make it seem, I don't know how u could absolutely love Rugby and hate football, I just don't think you've thought it thru! Are u gonna tell me what u want for that fuckin Live 2K cd or what? I'll send you a dvd I made of myself singing No Doubt songs! and covering the entire Air Supplys greates hits cd! you'll get the dvd before it comes out!

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Nah, I've played basketball a million times. To play myself I don't mind it, I guess, but it's by far one of my least favourite sports. But yeah, I do hate watching it. It's like soccer - hate watching, but I actually loved playing it for about 10 years. Even played Grid-iron at lunch a few times in school and it was fun enough to play because you played non-stop, but it is completely unbearable to watch. I don't mind playing pretty much any sport because I like exercise and being active, but it doesn't mean that many of those games aren't unwatchable professionally. Hey, I even love doing lawn bowls!

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