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Black Stone Cherry

66 mustang

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Anyone else pick the new one up.....This disc is smokin'.As much as I like the first,I think this might be a bit better.Great band!!!


Having repeatedly seen the video for "Blind Man" I had to pick this up. Very cool album, a bit more commercial than their older stuff. This Classic Rock stuff is not normally my bag at all, but am really liking this... :banger:

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I've got their 2 studio albums (they had a ltd edition live album out), and I can't figure out if I like 'em or not. I think I prefer the 1st album as their second one seems watered down and far more....hmmm what's the word...samey as everything else sounding, it has a glossy sort of superficial feel to it (almost Nickelbacky in parts and lord knows I hate that band!) whereas the 1st has a rougher dirtier sound. Although the second still has some good songs on it like Blind Man and Words My Father Said.


I dunno...maybe I need to listen to them a little more, I'm certainly not averse to playing them so that's a good sign haha!

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These guys are playing out in Sturgis this year for the rally next Thursday. Unfortunately we are coming back Wed. :(

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