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    football(soccer),heavy metal/prog/aor/thrash etc:Big fan of the 80's era.Socialisin an havin a laugh.Meetin new friends.

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    any n.w.o.b.h.m band.
  1. rock - igor steel pop - matty michaels rap - master nutz country - levi maclean loved it.
  2. It used to be the u.k,and ad love to say it still is,but i think scandinavia has taken over nowadays.
  3. Had to be ac/dc for me,closely followed by aerosmith,anthrax and the almighty,then accept ,a love udo's voice.
  4. flyin v


    Ive saw them live twice,damn good they were to,once supportin Saxon in glasgow and the other with Doro in london,top band.
  5. i loved Keel in the 80's big time,especially The Final Frontier , a classic ! How bout comin to the U.K mainly Scotland ?
  6. jorn lande is one of my fave vocalists to,but after hearing some masterplan new stuff am impressed and i hope everything goes well for them.
  7. Not a big thrash fan,but here's some i like,in no order - seasons in the abyss - Slayer ride the lightning - Metallica master of puppets - Metallica morbid tales - Celtic frost peace sells... - Megadeth spreading the disease - Anthrax killbox 13 -Overkill
  8. Am in a dark mood today. ! Morbid Tales- Celtic Frost.
  9. Monday Morning Apocalypse - Evergrey Excellent,glad i bought it on recomendation
  10. Firstly Guns n roses,appetite was sublime ! Then tony martin Black Sabbath release the Eternal Idol,because i love the first track The Shining.
  11. went with the Scorpions,as in my eyes there are the daddy's of german rock/metal. Although i'm a big fan of Warlock,Accept and Helloween
  12. i always try to get a listen first,and read a few reviews myself.
  13. Listening to ,The Duke - Jorn at the mo,tremendous melodic hard rock,jorn lande has a terrific voice.
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