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  1. reason i ask is i have a buddy that is featured in the movie , he is played by Rey Gallagos (Frantic from Sons of Anarchy)..and he is mentioned in the book at the bridge crossing part..just curious.....and he does not ever mention his time with the seals..he spent 23 years in them...god bless him
  2. anyone been to see this yet?
  3. LOL...Terry the paper you cant remember is called uncle henrys ..its a monthly advertising magazine that traders sellers and buyers scour thru..to me its all junk ..keep watching you might see me....lol
  4. lol.. anybody seen this stuff..funny thing is its filmed about 20 miles from my house .. i recognize some of them..see them a lot here in my town...
  5. Good Stuff, used to see these guys all the time back in the day, they put out a few eps ..rare stuff.
  6. thanks guys, i had a great birthday
  7. Thanks , it is appreciated.. the big 50
  8. Mullethead, if u are interested in vinyl, i have a friend that is parting with his vinyl collection , it consists of early 80s heavy metal and hard rock lps.. alot of rare stuff from glam to nwobhm .. let me know if u r interested .. believe me their is some rare stuff in his collection and he aint asking an arm and leg for them..send me a want list and i can let ya know
  9. I went to high school with and played hockey with mike durant (black hawk down) still see him often .
  10. The ebay seller selling these is Tony Touris
  11. i only know of 1 other collector here that has my rarest , it was released in 1989 Mob Rules / Primal Urges.
  12. pretty sure it was ebay..and they where on a label from france....cant remember the label name....i will hafta look...
  13. ya good stuff, picked it up on cd along with their other release...featured stevie young on guitar a cousin of malcolm and angus....
  14. this could be interesting...curious who is gonna be playing bruiser dave schultz...
  15. great stuff, saw them multiple times in portland maine at the free street pub...also remember the news show west 57th doing a story on them...and didnt brad join kix for a multisecond on the 2nd cd.
  16. just call me Granpa Dan

  17. Street Kidz/ Out of the Ruins..Thanks Josh ,ole buddy..a major score from my want list and in pristine condition to boot. The Original Sinners / Love or the Money
  18. saw Mastodon on the 21st at house of blues in boston, excellent live show, they sounded great
  19. everything south and north of me was trashed , not by wind but by the torrential down pours ...
  20. got 11 more hours to go here at work, storm is supposed to be at its worst here around dinner time, by then i should be in front of the boob tube watching the storm pass with a cold brewski.
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