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Bangalore Choir - Center Mass (2cd)


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Bangalore Choir featuring frontman David Reece will be releasing a new album titled Center Mass via Cherry Red Records on July 7, 2023. The new release will include a bonus live CD titled Live In Hamburg.

“The cult US hard rock band return with a stylistic and spiritual classic to follow their iconic 1992 debut album ‘On Target’.

Released with a bonus CD of a brilliant live set, recorded in Hamburg during the summer of 2022.

Fronted by former Accept and Bonfire vocalist David Reece, Bangalore Choir emerged in 1991 at the tail end of the 1980s melodic metal movement, instantly impressing the rock press with big choruses, melodic guitar playing and songwriting contributions by Jon Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova and Autograph’s Steve Plunkett!

The new album ‘Center Mass’ is a direct sequel in style to ‘On Target’, sure to excite fans of the debut album and of the melodic heavy rock genre.

David Reece explains: “I am very happy with this brand new Bangalore Choir record, we really went for everything that made the debut the great album that it was; loads of harmony vocals, big hooks, and great guitar solos. We also worked really hard on the songs making sure we had only the very best set of tunes for this album.”

Track List for Center Mass (Disc One):
01. Spirit Rider
02. Back To Life
03. I Just Wanna Love You
04. Heat of The Night
05. Wind At My Back
06. Blame It On Me
07. Back 2 U
08. Downtime With The Devil
09. Without You
10. While Bullets Fly
11. If The Good Die Young Part 2
12. Love Hurts

Track List for Live In Hamburg (Disc Two):
01. Just One Night
02. Loaded Gun
03. Slippin’ Away
04. Victim of The Night
05. If The Good Die Young
06. Freight Train Rollin’
07. Angel In Black
08. All Or Nothing


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Dont love it...dont hate it either...but I will say its better than the output since On Target for me...but its nowhere near that standard even if they are going with the direct follow up thingy.

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Got this today,its not too bad,never going to be as good as the debut but a mile better than their other previous,he definitely went for the On Target vibe and era this time, enjoying it more than I'd anticipated.

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11 hours ago, Mr.AOR said:

Video for Back To Life...


Best song on the album.

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"The cult US hard rock band return." Is anyone else from the debut even on this album?

Wow, I hadn't seen this write-up before listening to the album. Seems a few falsities to me, but I guess they're just trying to sell an album, so who can blame them. Unless deceptiveness is not up your alley. ;)

There was only one song on the album where I actually thought to myself - without seeing this write up - hey there, are they actually trying to replicate the style of the debut here? And that was the ballad, 'I Just Wanna Love You.' But even this one won't be making my 2023 playlist. 

Just a bog average album, I regret to say. 


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