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Kix announce retirement

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Metal Sludge — KIX are calling it quits. 

After more than 40 years the Baltimore based KIX have decided to throw in the towel.

KIX first formed in the late 1970’s and a few years later signed with Atlantic Records releasing their self-titled debut in 1981. 

The band have remained a crowd favorite with a die-hard underground following that has helped them tour throughout the United States and beyond for decades. 

As of tonight May 7th, the band’s singer Steve Whitemanhas just told the M3 Rock-Fest crowd during the band’s headlining set that they are retiring this fall.

“KIX… The Final Show” as it’s being billed will take place on Sunday September 17th 2023 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia Maryland.

KIX have released 7 studios albums, 2 live albums and 3 compilations over their career along with making various guest appearances. 

There is no official statement from the band as of this posting but once available we’ll be sure to share it with you. 

Bravo KIX… you have nothing left to prove.

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I really liked the last album... was way back in 2014 but I didn't realise it was that long ago. Kix never broke as big as they shoulda. Great band.

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Too bad.  Always a bit underrated but the were always a fun band to see live and had become a staple at some festivals and on the MORC.

Nice reminder though that these bands won't be around forever and these festivals need to work in some newer bands that are trying to carry on that 80's torch.

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Sad news but they had a good run,i'd say if you asked them 40 years ago would they still be a band/touring/recording they'd have laughed at you...Loved the earlier output to bits

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It's not the first time they have called it quits, and going on other bands from the genre it may not be their last.

In this day and age I always take any band retirement with a pinch of salt.

That said, they had a good innings.

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  • My Little Pony

One of the best shows you'll ever see, and certainly the most fun. I wish I could get down there for the final show, but I'm grateful for the times I did see them. 

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Nothing on YT yet, but here is the link to their post on FB where Steve makes the announcement:


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    • Got the album a day early. The rest of the album is pretty much on par with the singles released, so if you like them you will probably like the whole album. Final track is an instrumental, which is probably the closest to what people would have expected from Mick, pretty bluesy.  
    • Arrived this morning: Rolling Quartz - Fighting (Korean import) Mick Mars - The other side of Mars
    • Owned this on cassette and CD, but never came with glasses I did though replace my CD with a Jap copy a few years ago to get the original version of Ain't the same (the version on Cuts is much better).
    • Album out April 14th. From Pride & Joy Music: A Neverending John’s Dream is a Melodic Hard ‘n’ Heavy band formed in Barcelona in 2022 when Joan M. Heredia (drums, vocal, and composer) teamed up with David Vidal (guitars), Paul E. Schuster (bass) and Xavier Miró (keyboards). Joan M. Heredia started to play drums, to sing and to write songs more than 20 years ago, has been playing in dozens of bands but so far never has thought about releasing own material until now. A Neverending John’s Dream’s debut album, “Coming Back to Paradise”, was completely written and produced by Joan M. Heredia. The recordings and the mix took place at Moontower Studios in Barcelona. Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse) at Mass Destruction Production Studios (Sweden) mastered this release. The cover artwork and the CD layout were designed by Jan Yrlund, at Darkgrove Design (Finland); photos were taken by Irene Serrano. “Coming Back to Paradise” is a melodic hard ‘n’ heavy album, with a late 80s/ early 90s feel, but with an up to date production. The lyrics are telling stories about a lot of experiences, centred in human condition, music, and nature. The song chosen as a single with a video clip (filmed by Visual Noise Barcelona) is “Coming Back to Paradise”, a veritable hard rock hit with the homonymous title of the album. The meaning of the band’s name is a bit philosophic. The creation of music has no end (Neverending), and this fact, is like a dream for Joan M. Heredia (John). Live gigs for Spain around currently being planned.      
    • "The Show Must Go On". A magnificent track. The original by Queen is beyond KILLER, but I just discovered today that Australia's sweetheart, Delta Goodrem has covered it. It's a worthy tribute.  The best cover that nearly surpasses the original is the EPIC version by JSS. Of course, the fap value of Delta has to be taken in to account, so it's a quandary.         
    • I’m surprised there’s not more of a buzz about these guys here on the board. “Tell Me” and “ Take on Me” (no, those aren’t White Lion and A-Ha cover songs) are both solid AOR/melodic rock songs. The vocals on the verses could use a little more “umph”, but the choruses are quite tasty. 
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