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Dead Planet

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41 minutes ago, heavyharmonies said:

These re-recorded albums are missing the boat for me. The current lead vocalist is too much of a metal screamer to do the songs justice IMO.

Yeah don't like the r-records at all..leave the classic stuff alone :( 

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Yeah, it's a good cover of a classic song, but a song that good is always going to sound killer. Still doesn't make that any more than just a good cover version of it. The original remains unparalleled. 

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I actually heard these three new albums for interest's sake... and I don't get it. Why now, with this vocalist? Of all their eras. 

Musically it all sounds cool and I don't hate the concept of re-recording some of the real older stuff. I actually would have* liked a re-recording of 'Don't touch the light.' 

*would have liked to hear it with the last vocalist they had. I liked that guy. Alexx Stahl, it was. Why didn't they do all this when he was still in the band?

I don't like this new guy at all, and the reworks of 'Fireworks' and 'Point Blank' are so pointless, and you'd even argue disrespectful, putting that voice on these amazing and perfectly originally recorded tunes. 

Like I said, imo, 'Don't touch the light' sounds really dated and I wouldn't have hated the re-recording, with Alexx Stahl on vocals. But not this new guy... 

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1 hour ago, auslander said:

Is this another one of those "need to re-record for copyright reasons" things cause the band don't get income otherwise from their earlier, popular songs?


I guess that's fair enough, but who's buying the re-recordings?

It just taints a legacy.

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