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Best of 2022 lists posted!


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1 hour ago, Stefan said:

I just saw that POTF was number 1 for Jez. I'm actually surprised no one else besides me Jez thinks they're great.

One of the best from Finland.

Such a great album.. many good and sad memories will always stay with me listening to ‘Ghostlight’ 

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4 minutes ago, auslander said:

Who are Mike and Terry on this board? Sorry being a newcomer I don't really know people's real names.

I’m Mike

Terry is martinsane on the board here 

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4 hours ago, auslander said:

Who are Mike and Terry on this board? Sorry being a newcomer I don't really know people's real names.

I'm Darryl and I have the most perfect top 5 list of all

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    • So good. More or less love it from start to end. 'Weightless' probably my pick, but so many good songs on this, particularly on the second half. 
    • The easiest way to describe this is that it sounds like Kissin' Dynamite.  As evidenced by feedback in this thread, people who dig them will dig this and people who don't... which seems to actually only be me, lol, still won't.  I liked 'The Best Is Yet To Come' enough on first spin (the only song I thought was good, personally) but heard it back in my 2024 playlist today and it's already begun grating on me.  I just really don't like these guys, but good luck to them. The chanty, kind of sing along "nordic" pirate get-together thing just doesn't do it for me, and that's all I hear in every song from these guys, from album one to now. But they're successful and I wish them continued success. I'll just exclude myself from the party. 
    • Yeah, stuff like this kind of makes me want to jump into the paid membership and see what I could get out of it.  Seems within reach that you could see close to your entire artistic vision come to life with some time and effort. 
    • German hard rockers THE NEW ROSES (The New Roses) are back!   On October 04, 2024, they will release their brand new studio album "Attracted To Danger"!   Today you can get a first glimpse by checking out the first advance single "When You Fall In Love". Listen here: https://youtu.be/Oh4_lmQlRNA   "Attracted To Danger" tracklist:   01. When You Fall In Love 02. Natural Born Vagabonds 03. Attracted To Danger 04. Four Wheels 05. Bring The Thunder 06. This Heart 07. Hold Me Up (feat. Gill Montgomery) 08. Spirit Of A Rebel 09. Rockin' In The Free World 10. Whiskey In The Backseat   https://www.facebook.com/share/p/mkyKm9uJQhGkhujP/
    • Airbourne - Diamond cuts:The b-sides
    • It's  Yep it's an AI voice, he was asked were the vocals real or AI and this was his answer... AI Voice, I upload the voice into the AI tool as well so that it can come close to matching the same voice for all Ryder SRIII songs. Lyrics are 100% human/original and even the music melodies are created as well then uploaded into the AI tool. There's song editing and structure that takes place to get them finalized and all songs are mastered after they are written/completed as well. So it's really more like a collaboration between human and AI. Hope that helps. Seriously been considering making a video about the creation of Ryder SRIII because I have been getting asked this question more and more lately, not even on this channel but have seen it on other websites now as well.
    • New song 'Hold On'.    
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