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One Desire - Live With The Shadow Orchestra


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New album 'Live With The Shadow Orchestra' (CD/DVD) out April 21st through Frontiers.

From One Desire:

Hello to all our friends and fans around the world! We have a couple of critical matters that we want to get off our chest so this will be a little bit longer status to update to clear these matters:

First the good news
2022 was filled with many happy things in all of our personal lives and we hope you had a good time too! One Desire has a Christmas & new years gift for you all in 2023. Something really really REALLY cool that we want tell you about. The Live Concept Movie that we mentioned about earlier will be aired TODAY by National TV YLE Areena in Finland from onwards. Now please bare with us and have a bit patience. We only have the airing rights for our home country so far. However this product will be officially released in March on all formats Blu-ray, CD, LP, DvD etc.. After it’s release in March it will also be aired on regular TV. There will be all kind of cool stuff on YouTube also.

The movie is called One Desire Live With The Shadow Orchestra and it’s an extravaganza live concert show performed with all the extra bells and whistles together with a symphony orchestra. What makes this whole thing special is that it is rather like watching a movie than watching just a regular live show. We really took the long road with this production vise and we dug under every rock and put in every single euro we could find to turn this project into reality. There are so many people we need to thank but we can’t fit them all here, however they are all in the movie.

Links are down below and there will be interviews etc links where you can find out more. Also we will post singles and previews that will become available for all you guys out there around the world as soon as this is possible after Christmas and new year. More on this the coming days, so happy new year 2023!!!

We booked a European Tour that was suppose to happen in 2020 when we released the Midnight Empire album. What an accomplishment we felt, we were so damn proud of that album and it got totally amazing reviews globally. The album went high on all kind of charts around Europe etc. We literally went through blood, sweat and tears to give it the best we had at that point in our lives and career. We put everything we had in this record and needless to say we had high hopes and plans touring BIG TIME in as many countries as possible the 2 years to follow. As we all know it all went to hell due to covid and we suffered unbelievable loss of money, to a large extent because many things were already booked like tour busses etc many things were already paid for. All in all these fundings for these 2 years went down the drain as no one were able to take the risks anymore because we were financially crawling on our knees. And all this we went through two times not only one time! It really f..uck.ed us over. This is the exact same thing that happens to MANY other bands right now and has been happening the last 2 years. It is not because we are maximizing incomes etc other stuff people think is going on. No it is pure and simple being battered in the back of our heads financially.

Short story long.. This is the truth at this moment in the life of a touring artist. We as a band are the last ones in the food chain and we can not affect nor predict the outcome of things that are not 100% in our control. Truth being that the reality is in fact the total opposite and there are agents, promoters, managers etc that are booking these tours. So now you have a little bit of a back story to all of this. The tours that was suppose to happen next spring with Brother Firetribe was booked over 2 years ago. It was officially postponed until 2023. It’s a tour that was locked to the prices that were relevant 2020. Tomorrow we have 2023 and the prices on gas for the tour bus is almost doubled, rents on venues, electricity went through the roof etc you know the whole drill. When you top this whole equation with normal people out there being too afraid to buy tickets on pre-sales before the actual concert date cause they’re afraid to loose their money.. Well there you have the final nail in the coffin.

We are living through an incredible downward spiral for the whole live music scene at the moment and we can only hope and pray that the world will find a better direction soon before it does even more damage.

We have full understanding that you are as sad as we are because you have bought tickets. You can however get refund from where you got the ticket.
As a final word on this matter we want to add that touring is an insanely expensive hobby and unless you are super big as a band you don’t really make money touring to be completely honest. This is something we do from the pure love of playing live and meeting you who are our friends and fans and of course growing the band.

We haven’t been touring properly for over 2+ years now except some concerts here and there. This is totally getting on our nerves and it is killing our motivation as we are a band that wants to perform and play LIVE for all you guys on stage traveling around the world to meet you play music.

We hope for a better 2023 and to be honest it looks a little bit better. We can not promise too much as of now but there are already plans to come down to
Europe in the fall of 2023. This time it will be a completely new tour and new terms. Meanwhile we are going to tour Finland in the spring. We will let you know about those dates. We are also looking in to doing something in Sweden. We have amazing festivals coming up next summer. In January we are playing a sold out show in Tampere together with the mighty Battle Beast. More will follow for sure as we have big plans for the future with the live show.
We love you all and next year we are putting out some amazing new music from the studio that we think you will freak out from To our Finland fans (with Finland ip addresses) enjoy this concert movie! Everyone else out there this will be available for you too soon.

Happy New Year Over and Out With Love From
/Jimmy, Ossi, Andre & Jonas


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53 minutes ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Wait... another live album? How do you have four albums, and two of them are live?

Exactly what I was thinking

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Seems they are really struggling. Being one of my favourites in the new crop of bands, I really hope they pull through.

I didn't buy their first live cd/DVD but given this is a concert with an Orchestra and all the other stuff I might pick it up... for the right price (i.e. less than $20).

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New live video for 'Through The Fire'

Press release:

One Desire is proud to present ”Live With The Shadow Orchestra", a live concert extravaganza featuring the band performing with a symphony orchestra, The Shadow Orchestra (Wasa Sinfonietta), led by conductor Ville Mankkinen. ”What makes this whole thing special is that it is rather like watching a movie than watching just a regular live show. We really took the long road with this production,” says guitarist Jimmy Westerlund.

Combining energy, powerful vocals, fantastic guitar solos, and catchy choruses, One Desire is one of Finland's most prominent rock bands. They have released two internationally acclaimed albums, their self-titled debut and follow-up, "Midnight Empire", and performed several European tours.

Filmed in Vaasa, Elisa Stadium in the summer of 2022, "Live With The Shadow Orchestra" was aired on YLE TV in Finland in late December of the same year and will now be available on CD/DVD, Blu-ray, and Vinyl on April 21, 2023. The audio will also be available on all digital music platforms.
One Desire is currently working on the recording of their upcoming third studio album.
1. Never Gonna Stop
2. Apologize
3. Heroes
4. Through The Fire
5. After You’re Gone
6. Rio
7. This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins
8. Shadowman
9. Whenever I’m Dreaming
10. Hurt
11. Buried Alive

1. Intro
2. Never Gonna Stop
3. Apologize
4. Heroes
5. Through The Fire
6. After You’re Gone
7. Rio
8. This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins
9. Shadowman
10. Whenever I’m Dreaming
11. Hurt
12. Buried Alive
13. Down And Dirty (credits)
André Linman – lead vocals, guitars
Jimmy Westerlund – guitars, vocals
Ossi Sivula – drums
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass
Johnny Nordström - keyboards, background vocals
Geir Rönning - guest vocals on 'Hurt'
Wasa Sinfonietta Symphony Orchestra




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That's better than I was expecting. I'm more than a little surprised that a band that's struggling financially would expend significant resources to put together something like this. There's no way they make big money on it. 

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  • My Little Pony
2 hours ago, Tabe said:

Great song, spectacular performance and production. 

Haven't listened to any of these, but are we sure they aren't heavily doctored in the studio?

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On 3/27/2023 at 6:34 AM, Stefan said:

New live video for "Never Gonna Stop'.



I finally got around to picking up this album and I'm loving it.  The orchestra does add to the songs without changing them.  And this version of "Never Gonna Stop" is right up there with "Buried Alive" as my favorite One Desire song.

Sure hope these dudes, if they haven't already, figure out their issues and get us some new music.  

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On 2/17/2024 at 7:38 AM, Tabe said:

I finally got around to picking up this album and I'm loving it.  The orchestra does add to the songs without changing them.  And this version of "Never Gonna Stop" is right up there with "Buried Alive" as my favorite One Desire song.

Sure hope these dudes, if they haven't already, figure out their issues and get us some new music.  

Jimmy posted a photo of him and Andre in the studio late last year but all been quiet since then. Looks like maybe they ironed out their differences, but as I say, all quiet on the western front since then (think it was Oct).

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