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Skid Row w/Erik vs H.E.A.T. w/Kenny

Which song did you like better?  

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After hearing the new single by both bands, which song did you like more.

Question 2, which disc are you more excited to hear after the singles?

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I do like both songs but it's Skid Row with Erik for me on both counts which comes as no surprise being I've said many times I prefer Erik to Kenny.

The Skid Row tune I've probably listened to 10 times so far and find myself bobbing my head and tapping the steering wheel when I hear it.  The new H.E.A.T tune has gotten 4-5 plays and I basically say to myself, "Yeah, that sounds pretty decent" but that's about it.  It just doesn't excite me the way songs like Dangerous Ground, One By One & Rise did when I first heard them as singles for the last album and I was completely blown away.  Those were pound the steering wheel tunes.  I just don't know if Kenny will ever be a pound the steering wheel type of singer for me.  

That said though, I do like the new HEAT tune and it's a nice listen.  Just doesn't excite me as much as music with Erik did.  But I also know that HEAT with Kenny is still solid melodic rock.  I just need to forget about Erik being there and take it for what it is.

I'm trying hard to stop comparing Erik/Kenny but threads like this keep sucking me in lol.  My goal is just to try approaching both of these situations with an open mind, give them both a chance and hopefully find a lot of new music to enjoy.  

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H.e.a.t are right up there as my favourite current band (the other being Crazy Lixx). I look forward to their releases. 

Skid Row is a classic legacy band. I'm glad that are reinventing themselves. 

But, for me it's H.e.a.t

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Skid Row, easily.

As I have said many times, pre Erik H.E.A.T. never did anything for me, but I will say the new song sounds musically a lot more like Erik era, so of course I will give it a chance.

With Skid Row, it is not so much about Skid Row as I have not given a shit about them post Bach, it's about Erik. If it captures any of the Skid Row sound that is great, but otherwise I am looking at it as an Erik solo album and will judge it on it's own merits rather than as part of the Skid Row discography.

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I just have to laugh a bit. Remember the scene in "Rock Star" when Chris (Mark Wahlberg) is being photographed with the rest of Steel Dragon and they are all looking tough and mean, and he just can't help smiling......

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I can see a guy in his 20's hanging with these old dudes for only so long. 

Bolan and Sabo have proven to be douchebags. 

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