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Ultraboss - Yachtmaster

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If you're a fan of Synthwave you need this album, if you're a fan of AOR you need this album, this is just a must have album. With people like Robert Beachgrove (vocals) and Till Wild, Sebastian Gampl and Tommy Roth involved you know you're in for a awesome listen. 12 tracks in total with only 1 instrumental this is just an awesome listening experience from the get go, all 12 tracks are superb (even the instrumental) but a special mention must go to track 10 - More Than Ever Tonight which is a midtempo AOR gem, AWESOME stuff.                          PJ d'Arti (Ultraboss) has created an absolute classic synthwave album that is as close to AOR as you are going to get... AWESOME!!! 

Full album.


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I'm just glad Robert Beachgrove is still around. Forêt de Vin is probably still my favourite Synthwave project, and I was afraid we'd never hear from him again.

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Really enjoying this one. I wouldn't complain about a fuller production job, but it's good and it's synthwave, so it's cool. 

So many great songs, with maybe 'Nightcry' being my favourite. 'Prisoners of the Night,' 'More Than Ever Tonight' and 'Talking to the wind' would be next in line. 

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