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2001 - Choose your album


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So my copy of Cockroach arrived (it was new!!! Bonus) and I have played the two discs back to back. I have never heard it before today. Let me say, it's a great album. A+.

Ok, sorry it this offends some but overall the Poley version is better. He gives the music a less "angry" vibe. The poppier songs sound much better when he sings. Forgot how much he can sound like Joe Elliot on tracks like "Shot of Love" or "Don't Break My Heart Again".

Not to say the Laine version isn't great. It is. But just comparing them. Actually to be fair, Laine does a better job on the more "aggressive" tracks. Especially the track "Walk it Like Ya Talk It". He gives the song a Skid Row "Slave to the Grind" attitude that works really well and it is better than Poley's.

So, if they did a Mastedon and had multiple lead singers on the album as a single disc, I'd pick Poley for the pop metal and ballad tracks and Laine for the more aggressive tracks.

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