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Look what I just got, dude said if I take it now he give it to me for a bill, I already have an engine and was just looking for the right one to put it in 


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No he took all that shit out, it was shit out of his basement that flooded last Saturday when his sprinklers broke, LOL, I said a hundred bucks or not, I don't want all that shit in it, he laughed and said he'd go get his wife and daughter to take it out, and I was like good call cause im not taking it out, I just barely got it home, tow trailers are the way to go, I always just use a strap and a 2nd driver(never let a girl be the rear driver) or the front now I think of it, I didn't even need anyone else, think If It was a usual necessity I would buy one, but I'm stoked as hell, I did try backing it into my garage, that would have been better with a 2nd person, but I ended up just putting it in the driveway and pushing into the garage. Fuck that's the best shit that's happened to me since 78

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Nice one mate. I'll always think of you when I hear this.

You've gotta make this the "Christening" track when you get it up and running. 



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31 minutes ago, heavyharmonies said:

$100? With a title? That's a steal and a half. Heck, even without a title you could make a decent amount just parting it out. 

well it's a 99 special edition, and it's interior is in immaculate shape, apparently his wife blew the motor up, and he didnt want to mess with it, but it just sat there he said primarily because he's been too lazy to do anything with it, and he didnt want to part it out because of how good the interior is, he said he just put it off, and ive passed it hundreds of times and its never moved from that place, so I just went up and rang the doorbell, asked if he was interested in getting rid of that Jeep and how much and he looked like I just told him he'd won the publishers clearing house or something, he told me if I take it today $100, all he saw was vapor trails, as I just started driving to either pick someone up, or even better, my ex's dad let me use his tow trailer, see the motor I have is one I rebuilt while I was rebuilding my Jeep engine, Jacob the Jacob from this forum has pictures of that fun ordeal I went through last summer, anyways, I got this Jeep V8 motor the same time, and it didnt look like there was anything wrong with it, as it turns out there really wasnt, I mean there was, but it was somehow one of the pistons had fired off center and literally lodged itself sitting sideways, I will look through my pics so I can show you what I mean, but heated it up and pulled the piston, surfaced it and put a new one in, and its just been sitting here, only some of the jeeps are equipped with V8's, and they are difficult to find cause people get them as soon as they hit the salvage yards, dude this was just pure luck, and my tenacity of just going up and asking, these were really nice jeeps, the special editions, oh and it's also full of wasps, they have gotten in back of the side mirrors and just made huge nests, so maybe i'll video myself trying to get those fuckers out tomorrow, gonna have to smoke them out.


On a different note, does anyone know anybody thats ever driven a Jeep Trackhawk? I want one so fucking bad I cant handle it.

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