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Sven Gali - 3 (New EP coming in June)


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Info taken from Sleaze Roxx at: https://sleazeroxx.com/reviews/sven-gali-3/

Unfortunately, this is much more akin to Inwire than their excellent debut. :angry:




01. Kill The Lies
02. You Won’t Break Me
03. Now
04. Hurt

Dave Wanless – vocals
Andy Frank – guitar
Shawn Minden – bass
Sean Williamson – guitar
Dan Fila – drums





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Hmmm, I don't actually mind all three of those tunes. The first being the best. 

It probably does have more in common with 'Inwire,' but mostly just in that it's a very modern sound. The main difference, though, is these songs are kinda cool, with big obvious choruses. They're not grungy boring rubbish. I can seriously not actually listen to that album. One of the few (Wildside, 'Shadowlife' etc.) that were so bad I actually couldn't even listen to properly. 

Anyway, I kinda dig what they're doing. Yes, I'd definitely prefer a return to the debut sound... but it's not all bad.  

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7 hours ago, zacharyamelie said:

It’s ok but it sounds like music from between 1997-2002.

I like that era for rock music, but in a world of Spotify and YouTube...it's gotta be really good to stack up to the stuff that's stuck around for the last 20 years...

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  • My Little Pony

Just listening to this now. It's actually pretty good. Not much resemblance to the debut, but it reminds me of Slik Toxik's Irrelevant: heavy as fuck, and nothing like the first album, but still really good. 

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