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20,000th CD added to Heavy Harmonies!

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Thanks to Mike being far more industrious than I, the 20,000th CD has been added to the HH database. And that CD is...

Helix - Old School

A fitting entry, as Helix has been on the map since 1979.

Thanks to everyone keeping things plugging and chugging along, and especially Mike for his work behind the scenes.


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  • My Little Pony

That's so cool. Fuckin' Helix! Gonna see them next month. I'll mention it to them, if I get a chance. They prolly won't give a shit, though. ;}

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20,000 titles sorted into genre, country of origin, year released and alphabetically organized. Not to mention track listing and lineup lists that can be cross referenced with ease. Throw in cover art, album ratings and invaluable comments. This is why I  love this site. Huge thanks to Dan and all those behind the scenes that continually add to the database. 

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On 6/26/2019 at 11:23 AM, heavyharmonies said:

Am actually listening to Helix - Old School today, and IMO this is probably the best thing they've done in several decades.

Info from Scott Waters: It's not old recordings that are just pressed to vinyl. These are all new recordings by the current line-up of the band. It's a new record of songs that were written back in the 80's and never properly recorded till now.

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