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Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: Heavens Edge - "Heavens Edge"

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A new entry in my forgotten hard rock albums series.

It didn't take long for me to dig this PA band. Being a Mid-Atlantic hard rock junkie, I waited and anticipated this album.

And boy was I not disappointed.

Bad Reputation, Find A Way, Play Dirty and Skin To Skin are all killers. The album did have a few fillers though but still an outstanding CD!!

Official Video:






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Another one of those bands that came out a few years too late and signed with a label that didn't promote them very well.  I played this one to death back in 1990.  The four tracks you mentioned along with Come Play the Game were my favorites.   The sound on this was huge, another great production job by Neil Kernon.   They were a good live band as well.  

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Find Another Way is an amazing song.

First time I heard this album was in Bali soon after it was released.
A great time. You'd walk down the streets past all the music stores full of cassettes blasting music out into the street, and you'd hear songs like this and walk in any just the album for a few bucks.
You'd come home with a bag full of music. All pirated but I'd always repurchase the ones I likes on record or CD.

Another fun song on that disc was the one with the lyric "as long as I've got a face, that's it. You know you've got a place to sit"


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Loved this album....especially the songs mentioned. Skin on Skin always made my mixtapes......

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On 3/3/2019 at 11:27 PM, Invisible_man said:

good stuff, only one album but very solid.....wish they would put out another album

You are aware of 'Some Other Place... Some Other Time,' aren't you? Not exactly big budget label quality, but a better than adequate recording for sure. And more importantly, songs are arguably even better (overall) than the debut;





1.      Rock Steady             
2.      Some Other Place, Some Other Time             
3.      Jacky            
4.      Jump on It             
5.      Just Another Fire             
6.      Back Seat Driver             
7.      Cuts Both Ways             
8.      Call My Name             
9.      Just Can't Cry Anymore             
10.      Roller Coaster            

(later more average recordings)
11.      Take Me By the Hand             
12.      The Rhythm             
13.      Please Baby Please             
14.      Every Inch a Woman             
15.      Say What You Will            
16.      Nice and Easy            



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