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Tony Harnell and TNT part ways AGAIN


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Fuck all these assholes. Fuck TNT. Fucking pathetic little crybaby fuckers.

From FB:

October 11, 2017

Oslo, Norway / New York, New York

The News Today

After a 35-year career...with a few scattered breaks and temporary line-up changes in that time, it is with a heavy heart that the remaining original members of Norwegian rockers TNT have made the decision to move on in separate musical directions. The bands management team expressed how extremely difficult this decision was for the band... “There is no easy way to break up a family”

Being together for so long...even though separated by an ocean, they became brothers. Ronni, Tony and Diesel wish nothing but the best for each other and will always be there for each other...although not musically.

TNT will continue with a new vocalist and new release through Frontiers Records to be announced very soon. The band will then commence international touring in early 2018 in support of the new release.

Tony will immediately start work on a new Starbreaker album, its third, also through Frontiers Records. A solo release is also in the works. Tony will start touring worldwide early in the new year, with Starbreaker shows planned after a solo tour.

You will all be hearing great music from them again very soon!!

Takk og god natt!!
Thank you and good night!! 
Anata to yoi yoru o origato!!

Ronnie Le Tekro
Tony Harnell
Diesel Dahl

Contact TNT at: Per Alm pgalm@online.no
Contact Tony Harnell at: Paul D. Spriggs paul@convoymusicgroup.com

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"Being together for so long...even though separated by an ocean, they became brothers. Ronni, Tony and Diesel wish nothing but the best for each other and will always be there for each other...although not musically."


Utter fucking bullshit. Just say it..... WE FUCKING HATE EACH OTHER. Stop bullshitting everyone with the typical "musical differences" excuse. This was supposed to be "their best release". Wasn't this already a finished album? Now they are ditching Tony's vocals? 

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Did I even know Harnell was back with TNT? I don't even know. Annoying it didn't work out. But if there is a full album recorded, with Harnell on vocals, and it doesn't get released I will be very, very irritated. 

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10 hours ago, Geoff said:

Did I even know Harnell was back with TNT? I don't even know. Annoying it didn't work out. But if there is a full album recorded, with Harnell on vocals, and it doesn't get released I will be very, very irritated. 


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TNT announce new lead vocalist Baol Bardot Bulsara

TNT-photo-2-e1511646857109.jpgNorwegian heavy metal rockers TNT have announced their new and fourth lead vocalist will be Spain based singer Baol Bardot Bulsara.

TNT‘s previous lead vocalists as per Wikipedia consist of Dag Ingebrigtsen (1982–1984, 2008, 2012), Tony Harnell (1984–1992, 1996–2006, 2012, 2013–2015, 2016-2017) and Tony Mills (2006-2013).

Bulsara is replacing Harnell who left TNT for the third time back in October 2017.

The following message was posted in part on TNT‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“This will be a new chapter for TNT and we wish Baol Bardot Bulsarawelcome as our new singer. A big thank you to all the people that welcomed him in Oslo Spektrum on Wednesday and for supporting us. We look forward to a new year with gigs and a new album coming up soon!”

Balsara‘s “Biography” on his Facebook page states in part (with Google translation from Spanish to English and slight edits):

“The idea of forming a rock band was always present, but never materialized; in those times bassists and drummers were scarce and we always lacked one of the two (or both). So I used to go in and out of bands already made, for not being still. One day (although it was night, and in a heavy gambling den, to make matters worse) I read on a wall that singers were sought for the choral ensemble of Jesus Christ Superstar, and, without having heard a musical in my life, I went to the casting. And they go and catch me. And not only that, but they make me cover all the papers that occur to them (except María Magdalena, I still have not understood why …). The fact is that I fell in love with that work, and it was around this time, Around the age of 20, when without even thinking about it, I began to take the performing arts seriously….

Since then, from different formations and tours, the tribute band Led Zeppelin, No Quarter Band, has been a constant until recently. Then, the musical We Will Rock You, by Queen, ‘Il Divo‘ 4ever, Once Upon a Time the Musical, The Jungle Book, Teparatres, Forever King Of Pop, The Spirit of Broadway, RENT, Those Crazy Ghosts, Rawckett….”

TNT performing “Everyone’s A Star” with singer Baol Bardot Bulsara at Oslo Spectrum on November 22, 2017:

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On 11/27/2017 at 7:36 PM, AlphaMale said:

Sounds a little rough singing Everyone's A Star.

Yeah, watching that live video has lowered my expectations even further with regards to the new album as I am sure they are redoing the vocals with this new singer.  

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