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Does anyone like these vocals?


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There is this specific song (to which I am providing a link to) which I'd like to ask you guys for a feedback on my vox as I ended up singing it in a very 80's-like shouty fashion. It was not exactly a conscious decision - it came out that way while writing/recording and I am actually enjoying it but still I wonder if there's still anybody out there interested in that style - somewhat similar to Cinderella.

Feel free to say it sounds ridiculous if that's your honest opinion. I kindly ask though that whoever takes the time to listen and dislikes the vox please let me know if you don't like that style (even established acts) or my vox specifically.

Fair warning: what you'll hear is a real (and not very great) guitar and a bunch of VSTs. This was just a backing track I put together to sing over it and then come up with something to show my ideas to session musicians. No need to tell me how bad the production itself is because that is totally true - a mediocre backing track. Feel free to bash the vox, though.

Thanks and regards!


  • Update: Thank you for the feedbacks provided. Appreciate the time and honesty. Link's been put down.
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I love AC/DC, Cinderella, etc..........I couldn't listen to that....sorry....

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