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Epic Hard songs


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Hey pals,


I was compiling a list of what I say 'Epic Hard' songs, I mean melodic metal/hard/AOR superb songs which have some kind of 'epic': inspiration of strength, pride, glory, revenge... For example I think this one is which better illustrates the concept:




Allen-Lande - The revenge

Blue Tears - Blue Tears

Brother Firetribe - Who will you run to now

Brother Firetribe - For better or for worse

Degreed - The scam

Eclipse - Bleed and scream

Eclipse - Stand on you feet

Eclipse - Runaways

Eclipse - One life, my life

Free Spirit - The dew of the rose

HEAT - Living on the run

HEAT - Eye for an eye

Laneslide - Flying high

Leverage - Wolf and the moon

Leverage - Walk on home

Masterplan - Far from the end of the world

Masterplan - I'm gonna win

Nordic Union - When death is calling

Place Vendome - Streets of fire

Pride of Lions - Immortal

Shinedown - Unity

Shinedown - For my sake

The Magnificent - Tired of dreaming

The Poodles - I rule the night

The Poodles - Cuts like a knife

Treat - The war is over

Treat - Papertiger

Treat - I'm not running

Whitesnake - Crying in the rain

Whitesnake - Still of the night

Whitesnake - Fool for your loving


(I have others, these are just an example to clarify).


I'm sure you know lots of other absolute gems (though not entering into Heavy/Power Metal) fitting in this 'Epic Hard' (lots of power ballads probably), so please post the best ones!


Thanks in advance. :guitar:




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  • My Little Pony

I got though a whole bunch of stuff, and then I went back a re-read that you didn't want any Heavy/Power Metal, so I had to start over. ;}




First actual song in this video.






I'm not sure if any of this is what you're looking for. I think I know what you're talking about, but I always draw a blank when I try searching for them.

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I'm not sure I agree with OP's definition, but hey, it's music and music forum after all. I 'd love to find out some known/unknown epic hard rock tracks that are out there...Here are some epic hard rock tracks I love outside heavy/power metal:

















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  • My Little Pony

Here's one I forgot. Does it get any better than this? Ha!



And maybe "In this Life" by Stan Bush, as well. Couldn't find a sample of it.

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  • My Little Pony





Why come?

He accidentally posted a disco tune ;)

Yep. :whistle:

Oh, I thought he wanted to delete the thread.

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