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Lee Aaron - Tom Boy


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Taken from her forthcoming album 'Fire And Gasoline' (out March 25).









"Fire And Gasoline"
"Wanna Be"
"50 Miles"
"Bad Boyfriend"
"Heart Fix"
"Nothing Says Everything"
"If You Don't Love Me"
"Find The Love

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She's still hot....but the track is pretty awful. It's like a bad Avril Lavigne...and good Avril Lavigne is hard to find in the first place.

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I like the tune and melody and all that... but I hate the lyrics. She does still look pretty decent for her vintage, but the clip is pretty awkward too.

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There's no speakers on this PC so I can't comment on the song ... but why does the video remind me of Toni Basil's "Mickey?" Must be that all white background... :rofl2:


...and yea, Lee still looks pretty MILFy but even without hearing this tune I think it's safe to assume that I'll be sticking to her "Metal Queen" era stuff...

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Not bad, not great either. Hope the rest of the album is better, otherwise it's back to the magnificent S/T ('87) and her earlier stuff for the memories

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