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French Kiss - Got It Good (from forthcoming debut)


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You cannot tell me that video is current, surely? That MUST be from 1990?! Seriously. I agree, it sounds fucking fantastic... but definitely demo quality. Their look is just way too authentically 80's for me to believe this is a current band, lol. Are they seriously recording a new album, or are demos from 1990 going to be released? Jeez I hope whatever the case they polish the balls out of whatever they release.


It's funny you mention the French band, Lindsay, as by complete change I was spinning this EP in my car today wondering what on earth happened to them. In saying that, I much prefer this band and would much rather hear their debut album, please.

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From FB (April 8th):


French Kiss UPDATE! We talked about the release of our first album on Rocket 101 yesterday morning. Those of you that didn't catch the radio show, and want to know about our debut album, heres how we're doing it. We will be hosting a Kickstarter Campaign. Kickstarter is a website designed for artists, and musicians to reach out to the public and present their artistic goal. Our goal being a record! Here's a link that talks about Kickstarter and how it all works in great detail. Stay tuned to our page and in the next few weeks we will be posting our Kickstarter Campaign LINK. Thank you so much for all the support so far guys. Keep rocking on!



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Jeez I forgot how much I love that track. I'd love to know what happened here too. Even if there were any other songs released at all? What a massive bummer if they've called it a day. :(

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They must of had the songs for an album as they said on their radio interview back in 2015 but unfortunately no funding,pity,hope the songs find the light of day at some point,plenty of labels out there that could surely do something with these guys,if indeed they still exist.


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News from their Facebook page:

Hello friends,

It’s been a while. We hope everyone is doing well, and staying healthy. This time off has created an opportunity for us to look back at what makes us who we are, and we would love to share with you something awesome. 5 years ago to the day we released a video of our song “Got it Good”. We will be releasing the accompanying EP with more songs, within the next week. All songs were recorded 2014-2015. These were great times for us and I believe the energy is captured within the songs. All those great times at Sherlocks, the amazing people we’ve met, and truly living life to the fullest! Thank you all for being a part of this!!

More news to come later 🤘

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