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Gun - Frantic


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Just got this the other day, so in the pile of stuff to play. Great band they are too, apart from that '0141...' piece of crap spoiling a very fine discography.

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If that don't have the dude off TOTW, Gallus and Swagger singing, I dont want nuthin to do with them, everyone on here tried to sell me a bill of goods on that last album they dropped, telling me how good it was, and despite the fact it was a different singer it propped Gun up and made them better, and it was improving on the band, this that and the other, so I order that fucker, and it BLEW!! it wasnt good, the new singer sucked, so If this had been released as some different named band, hell it might have been alright, but I want to hear, GUN! and unfortunately, they just happen to have one of those very unique sounding singers who for better or worse, basically make Gun, so who sings on this new Gun disc, btw the Gun I just ranted about was called Break The Silence or some shit like that.

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I recall the last album being pretty good, despite my disappointment that the original singer was no longer part of the band. I'm hoping to get this in my ears asap.

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I recall the last album being pretty good, despite my disappointment that the original singer was no longer part of the band. I'm hoping to get this in my ears asap.


I quite like it...It's quite Poppy and commercial in places, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. My fave tracks so far are 'Our Time' 'Frantic' ' Serephina' and 'Never Knew What I Had'. but it's all generally good, unless you keep harking on about the old line up in which case you probably won't like it

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Toby Jepson (former Little Angels and Fastway singer) fronted the band after Mark Rankin left ... I think this new one has Dante Gizzi singing (he was originally their bass player) ... I saw them when they were touring 'Swagger', and they were BRILLIANT ...

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You can hear his voice on backing vocals on the first few albums. He's too whiny for my tastes.


It's funny you say whiny as a couple of times on the disc I thought he sounded a bit like the nasaly side of Axl Rose's voice.


Heard it today and I was on the verge of ending it. The first 3 songs are terrible and I'd basically given up on the album. I skipped the rest of the 3rd song because it was too shit to sit through, and then looked through the folders on my USB stick to see what I should play next. Anyway, lucky for this album, as I was doing this the 4th song actually caught my attention. And strangely enough, the next 7 songs were actually all pretty cool. Doesn't sound a thing like the Gun who released those first 3 great albums, but this one has a few cool tunes.

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so what's the score for that ?


Holy shit mate, just heard it yesterday! :lol:


No idea yet. I assume it'll hover around the mid to late 60% area. Don't think it'll crack the 70% mark as the first 3 songs will bring down the rating a lot, and there's nothing really excellent on here. Just nice solid kind of 7/10 tunes.

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oh my, i think i'll save my ears for somethin else :D


I did put an initial rating on it today and it was basically 60% on the dot. The 2nd and 3rd songs are absolute abominations and basically destroy any chance the album has of a "pass mark" for me, which is 70%. The rest is okay, but not really that great.

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Track list (Deluxe Edition):


Disc One: Frantic

1. Let It Shine
2. Labour Of Life
3. Beautiful Smile
4. One Wrong Turn
5. Our Time
6. Frantic
7. Hold Your Head Up
8. Big City
9. Seraphina
10. Never Knew What I Had

Disc Two: Live At King Tuts

1. Don’t Say It’s Over
2. Better Days
3. Real World
4. Higher Ground
5. Taking On The World
6. Labour of Life
7. Inside Out
8. Word Up
9. Steal Your Fire
10. Shame On You




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    • Same for me.  I thought the first single was decent but nothing else grabbed me. 
    • New lyric video for 'Save Us From Ourselves'.    
    • 'Hail To The Heroes' out February 11th. New video for 'Primeval Desire'.    
    • Battlegod Productions. Although I ordered directly from the bands website...The band messsaged to say they were waiting for payment to clear after it was received, then messaged to say they had received payment about 2 weeks later...still waiting on it actually being sent...ah well
    • That's actually a pretty cool song. Better than his previous bands for sure. I gotta agree with Auslander, though. Something a bit off-putting about those backing vocals. Some are nice, but particularly the ones at the start of the chorus are, as I said, "off-putting."  I've had lukewarm reactions to backing vocals in the past, though, and sometimes I get past it. Hopefully this is one of those occasions?
    • I have been summoned. #1 - plods along and goes absolutely nowhere. Sorry, no cup of seme- uh, tea. #2 - certainly a bit more lively that the first one. Not bad, but it's very, very basic stuff. Okay tune. #3 - yeah, sadly just not my thing. As weak as, if not weaker than the first track.  Sorry cob, I think it's going to have to be a pass from me.  
    • Yeah, I do agree and I don't want people to get me wrong. I'm not a defund the police type or anything like that. My respect for the police is at the lowest it has been in my entire life, but I hope it is something that can be restored in time... though the longer this all goes on, the less hope I have at all for a future worth looking forward to. But that's another story.  I do have some regard for police officers "just following orders" but I've seen and heard way too much to have too much sympathy. And I agree that it is the policy makers that I despise most of all, but I'd have liked to have seen some sort of resistance from the police in all of this. It's been my biggest issue through the whole thing. In the media, government and the police force, there are so few voices (and definitely no significant voices) opposing the ridiculous nature of what has happened over the last two years and is still ongoing.  I don't understand it all, but are the police part of the government, or is there some separation there? If you're given absolutely absurd rules to enforce, I would like to see opposition to it. And as I do with everything, I think what I would do in their situation. If I was a police officer, and I had a family to feed, what would I do? Would I stand outside a grocery store and fine a couple who removed their masks as they walked out the store? Sure as all fuckery, I would not. I've been asked by several officers throughout the last couple of years to put my mask on before a fine was issued, so I'm 100%, definitely not just painting all police with the same brush. I know there's exceptions to every rule. But for any officer who's first instinct was to fine for mask breaches, or insane area restrictions or any of the entirely petty, pathetic laws we've had to endure over the last couple of years, for them I have no respect whatsoever. Even if you're put in the terrible situation they've been put in, there's still a way you can handle it, and a lot of the ways I've seen and heard it handled is not something I can respect.  Anyway, I watched a cool video today. It's as if this guy took every thought I've had on the whole pandemic and said it in proper, intelligent words. If I wasn't as dumb as a wooden post these are the words I'd be saying-  
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