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"Decline of Western Civilization" series finally coming to DVD

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Hell has apparently frozen over. All three "Decline" films will finally be available on Blu-Ray/DVD, in a box set via Shout Factory this June:






Hold on to your pool chairs: All three of Penelope Spheeris' entertaining, heartbreaking and iconic Decline of Western Civilization documentaries are officially coming to Blu-ray and DVD for the first time in a deluxe box set on June 30th. Shout! Factory will release the four-disc anthology chronicling L.A.'s hardcore punk, hair-metal and gutter-punk phenomena with a 40-page book, extended interviews and a new commentary track by Dave Grohl. Each film has also been given a 2K high-definition restoration, which Spheeris supervised.


"I am so grateful to the fans of these films, and the bands that appeared in them, for their loyalty and patience," Spheeris, whose directorial credits also include Wayne's World and Black Sheep, said in a statement. "This is my life's work, and I like to think that when I go to my grave, The Decline is what I'll be remembered for."

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I only want the Metal Years, seen this back when it came out.

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I've been waiting for this for a long time. Never seen the first or third but the local video store here used to have a copy of The Metal Years and I think I checked it out at least a dozen times before they went out of business. I used to wish I had copied it when I had the chance. People were selling those old VHS copies for big bucks for a while.

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Spheeris to Randy from Odin: "Hey Randy, why do wear pants with no butt in them?"


Randy's reply: "Ventilates my scrotum."



One in a sea of absolute gut wrenching mostly idiotic and hysterically funny lines from The Metal Years.



I have 2 and 3 on good ole VHS and 2 has been viewed more times than necessary, but keeps getting funnier every time I see it...

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