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  1. And Dangerous was written with Mutt. Imagine if they had written the whole album with him.
  2. Agreed on the album cover...terrible. They have some great tracks though. If this one doesn't scream Queensryche I don't know what does:
  3. Never see these guys talked about anywhere. They're not on the main site either. They released three albums (I haven't heard the last one "My Time To Die") but the first one "The Unthinkable Deed" is very cool and sounds like a party metal version of Queensryche at times. The second one "Can't Break Me" is darker and more progressive but still great. Anyone else dig these guys? Always thought 'Ryche should have covered this song. Sounds like it could have fit perfectly on Operation Mindcrime 2:
  4. Journey tops it for me too. Closely followed by IV, Trust, Mystery Eyes, Helluva Time and then everything else. I should probably give HT another listen though because while I remember liking it a lot I haven't spun it in a very long time.
  5. Can anyone tell me anything about the Dutch band PICTURE who had a string of albums in the 80s? I can't find much written about them or any album reviews. What's their best album?
  6. Thanks for the links. Yeah, that review doesn't leave me hopeful.
  7. What can anyone tell me about this band? I just heard "Helpless" and was surprised to see no one had listed them on the main site yet. Cool song. Looks like they had one album...or are there more?
  8. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Never seen the first or third but the local video store here used to have a copy of The Metal Years and I think I checked it out at least a dozen times before they went out of business. I used to wish I had copied it when I had the chance. People were selling those old VHS copies for big bucks for a while.
  9. What happened to Michael Morales? I know he got into some trouble with the law a while back but that has to be settled by now, right?
  10. Wow. I don't know. The debut never clicked with me. Sure, there are some cool songs on it...but I remember my first spin of Zaza and I dug pretty much the whole thing. Granted, I haven't listened to a BB album in its entirety in years so maybe my opinion would change now. One thing I do know is that I attempted many times to get into Freakshow and never could.
  11. Zaza is their finest moment bar none.
  12. CDRs I made years ago... In Santas Claws - PRETTY MAIDS Must Be Santa - THE SCREAMING SANTAS Naughty Naughty Xmas - DANGER DANGER Another Rock N Roll Xmas - PAUL DIANNO Come On Xmas - CHEAP TRICK Back Door Santa - BON JOVI Happy Holiday - ENUFF ZNUFF Mistress For Christmas - AC/DC Let It Snow - ERIK JOHNSON Because Its Xmas Time - BONFIRE Heavy Xmas - 220 VOLT Santa Goes To California - THE SCREAMING SANTAS Winter Wonderland - FM Christmas Time Again - EXTREME Spankin - THE SCREAMING SANTAS A Merry Jingle - PRETTY MAIDS Jingle Hells Bells - BOB RIVERS Christmas With The Devil - SPINAL TAP Do
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