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New UNRULY CHILD snippets


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Not sure what people don't like about the snippets. Yes it's a little laid back but the production sounds good and Mark(Marcie) sounds better than ever. I'm buying it for sure.

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From FB:


So it's official, Unruly Child's first release of our new work, "Down The Rabbit Hole - Side One" has a drop date.

October 4th, 2014 (that's a three, for you numerology fans) on CD Baby.

We will also be targeting iTunes for a release approximately a week later.

We finished the final mix tweaking and mastering just this afternoon and are over-the-moon excited about sharing our newest work with the fans!

For those of you who love booklets and liner notes (and we certainly do), we've created a full color 9 page digital booklet in PDF form.
CD Baby, at this time, does not support digital booklets, iTunes does - but we are resolved to make it available to everybody regardless of where they purchase the album.
We just gotta figure out how to get it you...

Thanks for sticking with us!
Unruly Child

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Not interested in Mellow/Lite. pass!

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Gotta play it again, but I was far, far from impressed with this one on first spin. The first song was great, but there's some terrible stuff on this and overall it really fell short for me.

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What does it look like more - a male or a female? Or just neither? I remember asking last time they released an album about the songs being about males or females and how that works. They seemed to work around it on that last disc. But this time there's a song clearly about a woman ('She Can't See Me'). So does that mean it's singing as a lesbian these days?

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