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Lawless - Rock Savage

Dead Planet

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Am I completely off the mark saying I hear a bit of Stryper in their style? Love the riffage on those first two songs... in fact, so much so that I'm sold. I'll check this out for sure. Nice find.

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The early STRYPER comparison is spot on with 'Rock Savage', and not only musically, but the vocal is also has the similar style, especially the screaming technique, although I'm strangely struggling a bit with his vocal, there's something wrong with it but can't explain, anybody experience this ? Anyway, they do have some fantastic riffs throughout the album, only problem is not all songs are really great.


I'll start with the upper score songs. 'Heavy Metal Heaven' - how cheesy is that title, but man the song is a killer. 2nd best track here after the last song, 'Metal Time', which is their greatest hit. 'S.O.S' is a smooth bluesy ballad and 'Rock N Roll City' is worth the money. 'Pretender' is also bloody good, check out the monstrous riffs! And some songs that fell short for me here are 'Black Widow Ladies' and 'Where Heroes Fall' which stays safe at around 7/10, 'F.O.A.D' and 'Misery' are 7.5, and sadly 'Step In' and 'Scream' are in the low 6 to 6.5


Production is 8/10, musicianship is probably 7.5 because of the vocal, and replay value is still undecided around 7.5 or 8, need to spend more time with this, but overall I can say the album can be better, although I can second Geoff that this is a nice find.



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Dude... I've had samples of all the tracks from the album on the main site for weeks. :whistle::taz:


Uh, I was combing my hair, and stuff. Sorry Captain, I'm a bit behind, but on the road to recovery as we speak.

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Sounds alright, but with so much good stuff around at the moment, it's not up there with the best. For example, the new Stryper sounds MUCH better than this.

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