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NiteRain - Crossfire


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I gotta agree with G-Off on this one, not perfect, but a killer slice of melodic rock, I can say I am interested now in this group.

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The materials here are enough to attract my interest as the closest comparison of NITERAIN is maybe early L.A.GUNS and they added a touch of newer 80s sleaze like BUCKCHERRY. The whole 11 tracks are basically enjoyable with no glimpse of modern rock thing but the similarity between each tracks might be a drawback that reduce the replay value a bit. However, there are plenty of great tracks here such as 'Dirty' - the first single which sounds a bit commercial and also a powerful tune, 'Somebody Get Me A Doctor', 'Run For Your Life', 'Playing The Game', and 'Judgement Day' which was heavily influenced by RATT.


Production is also very good for an indie release and I love the musicianship, the vocal didn't struggle with accent, the guitars are amazing, looks like the band is well rehearsed and very prepared for this kind of music, and I bet they'll make a very good concert band. Some tracks maybe need improvement and variety, such as 'She Said Go', 'Run Run Run', or 'Hey Baby' maybe fell in 7 to 7.5 range, but all in all, a quite solid release and deserved the attention. Recommended!



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Wow... I'm doing a complete reverse on this. This is a killer ass disc. Awesome!!! If you love L.A. Guns first and second discs, you'll love these guys. They sound very much in the style of L.A. Guns. Instantly going in my top 10.

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Heard this today and I really dug it. It is what it is; no world changer, but it's damn enjoyable. Just good tasty hard rock.

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