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Wig Wam


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I liked the last one. I find that I listen to that one as a whole more than the others.

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well lets hope its better then the last..


I liked the last album. It wasn't as good as the first two but was still very good IMO.

I still like it, but the two before were monsters.


Backed...me wants another MONSTER!

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Sample up at Amazon


Hard to judge by 30 seconds, but to me it already sounds stronger than a lot of songs on their last album!

Terrible album cover, but that sounds like the real Wig Wam to me. Killer stuff. I just hope they keep it up for the full album as it was definitely still there on the last CD... it just also featured a few fillers I wasn't expecting. 'Wig Wamania' remains one of the best CDs in the last decade, for sure, and I'd love to see them at that standard again.

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