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Foreigner to release new 3 disc set "Feels Like The First Time&#34


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Foreigner to Release Acoustique on 9/13/11!





Foreigner is proud to announce the first ever acoustic studio recording by a classic rock band, Acoustique, available on September 13th through Razor & Tie! The album will be available for digital download, and will also be featured in a new three disc set, Feels Like The First Time, available exclusively at Walmart. This new release has everything for Foreigner fans, old and new. The current line-up of Foreigner, rocking since 2005, has revitalized the music of Foreigner and has made it truly feel like the first time, as many who have seen them perform can attest to. The Walmart collection is a tribute to the work they have been doing these past 6 years. The set includes two audio discs: CD One: Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged and CD Two: Juke Box Heroes: Brand New Digital Recordings of Foreigner's Greatest Hits including a brand new single, Save Me, co-written with Mick jones' step-daughter and well-known DJ & Musician, Samantha Ronson, and one live concert DVD: Live in Chicago.


Disc One: Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged

There is a first time for everything! This acoustic album featuring Mick Jones, Kelly Hansen, Jeff Pilson and Tom Gimbel, brings to you the Foreigner classics re-imagined in the studio, a first for their genre! Listen to the classics like you have never heard them before!


Founder Mick Jones says of Acoustique:

"My feeling over the years is that if you can write a song on an acoustic instrument, and it sounds good, you know you have a good song," Mick explains. "The first time we approached these songs this way I was flabbergasted about how well they adapted back to their nucleus. It's been an eye opener how stripping the songs bare brings fresh meaning and emotion out of them."


Vocalist Kelly Hansen say of Acoustique:

"We were doing these live acoustic shows that were being broadcast," he recalls, "and we got a huge response. It was kind of shocking and surprising, and also something that was really new for us. We've never really done that, kind of laying yourself out naked, without lights and amps or anything. It was a real different feeling and a challenge, so we came back and decided to record it."


A high point on the Acoustique disc is the song, "The Flame Still Burns," which was co-written by Mick Jones for the 1998 cult rock movie Still Crazy, where it was performed by Jimmy Nail. Mick won the prestigious English Ivor Novello songwriting award for this song. Also included is a tribute to Elvis Presley with a blistering version of "That's All Right."


Disc Two: Juke Box Heroes: Bran New Digital Recordings of Foreigner's Greatest Hits

This collection of Foreigner's greatest hits was digitally recorded this year by mastermind, composer and producer Mick Jones, sensational lead singer Kelly Hansen, bassist Jeff Pilson, multi-instrumentalist Tom Gimbel, keyboardist Michael Bluestein and drummer Mark Schulman. The set also includes a brand new song, Save Me, which was co-written with Mick Jones' step-daughter and well-known DJ & musician, Samantha Ronson.


Disc Three: Live In Chicago

The 80 minute DVD features the band's greatest hits in pristine high definition from their recent Chicago concert. It also features behind the scenes footage and bonus acoustic versions of some of the band's classic hits. The concert will air on PBS through August and into the fall as part of the Public Television Rocks series. Catch Foreigner on the road now with Journey.


Feels Like The First Time track lists:

CD One: Acoustique: The Classics Unplugged



  1. Long, Long Way From Home
  2. Cold As Ice
  3. The Flame Still Burns
  4. Double Vision
  5. Fool For You Anyway
  6. Say You Will
  7. Starrider
  8. Waiting For A Girl Like You
  9. Feels Like The First Time
  10. Juke Box Hero
  11. That's All Right (Bonus Track)

CD Two: Juke Box Heroes: Brand New Digital Recordings of Foreigner's Greatest Hits



  1. Save Me (Bonus Track – New Song!)
  2. Feels Like The First Time
  3. Cold As Ice
  4. Long, Long Way From Home
  5. Hot Blooded
  6. Double Vision
  7. Head Games
  8. Dirty White Boy
  9. Urgent
  10. Waiting For A Girl Like You
  11. I Want To Know What Love Is
  12. Juke Box Hero

DVD: Live in Chicago



  1. Double Vision
  2. Head Games
  3. Cold As Ice
  4. Waiting For A Girl Like You
  5. When It Comes To Love
  6. Blue Morning, Blue Day
  7. Dirty White Boy
  8. Starrider
  9. Feels Like The First Time
  10. Urgent
  11. I Want To Know What Love Is
  12. Hot Blooded
  13. Juke Box Hero


They showed a good chunk of the Live in Chicago DVD last week on PBS, and it's a phenomenal show; it would be worth picking up for $11.88 all on its own IMO. The 2 CDs of music is the bonus plan baby! :P



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Ordered this one a few weeks ago as it looks like a neat little package. What I like about alot of the Foreigner stuff is that it works so well acoustically as it does electric, so well worth getting these recordings. The re-records will be interesting to hear aswell, especially as Kelly Hansen has done them so much justice live.

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The acoustic idea originated when Jeff Pilson proposed a new arrangement of 'Say You Will', from the 1987 'Inside Information' album. And what emerged made a twenty year old song new again. The road to 'Acoustique' was paved!

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"Double Vision" & "Feels Like the First Time" live and acoustic. :guitbannana:

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I picked this up on Friday. Like most of the other "WalMart Exclusives", the bang for the buck is phenomenal... 2 CDs + DVD for $11.88? Are ya kiddin' me?


I've only listed to the second disc (rerecordings) thus far, and it sounds freaking phenomenal. Definitely a new vibe with some of the instrumental effects, but stylistically and vocally remain incredibly consistent with the original versions. The production/mix is top notch, and Hansen is really the perfect Gramm replacement. There are songs where you can't tell that it's NOT Gramm singing... probably a better fit/replacement than Pineda was for Perry.


One of the things that is really impressive is Hansen's range. Most vocalist's ranges deteriorate with age... look at any of the classic bands that have put out anything in the last 10 years (Kansas, Styx, etc.). In virtually all cases the vocals suffer comparatively speaking, as the lead vocalist struggles to reach heights that were easy... 25 years ago. Taking things down an octave, downtuning the song 1-2 steps, using backing vocalists for the chorus instead of lead vocals, etc.


Not Hansen. He sounds really good, when you consider that Gramm in his prime had a pretty high range.


Definitely a must-have.

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