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Bangalore Choir

Evil Rick

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I will check this one out with caution...the cover sucks and looks like it belongs on a goth band album but hey, it's the music that counts so we will see.

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I like the samples (even though they are pretty darn short). I'll be picking this one up for sure! It's gotta be somewhat difficult to write a follow-up to an album that was released almost 20 years ago, but from what David has said it sounds like they tried the best they could to keep the same formula of the first release.

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Listening to those samples, it sounds exactly what I would expect of a band following up their debut album nearly 20 years later.

Its not got the same attitude as the first album as very few people are the same people they were 20 years ago, meaning they have new views on life.

Stylisticly though, it sounds spot on.

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Haven't heard the samples yet, but I'm already craving this CD.


Must be said, that is a DREADFUL cover. I wish they'd change that. Like Andre said, not any sort of comparison to the wonderful debut's cover. Yuckus!

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I really like Martyr and the samples over all.


As others have said it's hard to follow up something almost 20 years old and it's not the same lineup but Danny and Curt are there from the old days so that's nice. I don't like the cover much either but there's many great albums that had covers I didn't like so not a huge deal.


I really liked David's solo album from last year and the Gypsy Rose disc from two years ago so I expect to like this as well.

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