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This may sound racist as hell, but at this point I just don't give a fuck. I'm so sick & tired of calling ebay, Amazon, paypal, etc & getting stuck with someone of obvious Middle Eastern descent who speaks broken english with a thick accent. I can't understand them, they can't understand me, & it's a total waste of time. I want badly to ask for an American...someone actually born in this country for whom english is their mother tongue, NOT a secondary language, but that's probably not PC... :2up:

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someone actually born in this country for whom english is their mother tongue, NOT a secondary language, but that's probably not PC... :2up:


For that you would need and Englishman then :D

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We have the same problem here in the UK dealing with Indian call centres.


Yep, same here.

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The same here in Canada. They also own every gas station, convenience store and Pizza Pizza (a Canadian Pizza company).


Being French I can ask for service in French since we are a bilingual country and those services are from Canadians from Québec. However I more often ask for service in English because the tech part of things is a hell of alot easier said and understood in English than in French.

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There is nothing that pisses me off more than this. You can include Dish Network, Netgear, Belkin and just about and big company that out sources customer service. Damn Belkin was so fucked up I finally went with a American DSL/Modem box. It cost me 150.00 dollars over belkins 50.00. Worth every Damn penny.


For your information. If you ever have a problem with Dish Network go Directly to Tech support. They all speak English

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I have recently left some scathing comments with both ebay and paypal (World Class C*nts of the Universe) feedback questionaires and I always hope they will be addressed. But they never are. :(

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