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  1. Well I am late but sent today. Thanks Dan and all for keeping the site Updated New and Kicking!
  2. hardrock80srule

    Diamante - Coming In Hot

    No CD release? Just download
  3. hardrock80srule

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Blackslash - Sinister Lightning Diemons - Never wanna Die Cruzh Jessica Wolff - Grounded - This one came in as a OBi version. Don't know if that is how they all come but I just ordered a regular version.
  4. hardrock80srule


    Its getting harder and harder to find stuff on cd. Leads me to a question of what everyone's going to do when things for the most part go to download only. While I understand why the bands do it. I just can not get myself to pay for them. Thanks for the heads up on the possible vinyl
  5. hardrock80srule


    Hard cd to track down The website showed 0 stock. Finally found one on Ebay for 22.00 registered mail from Greece. Not my favorite place to buy from but we shall see what happens
  6. hardrock80srule


    Was this ever released on cd or is is download only?
  7. hardrock80srule

    I Prevail

  8. hardrock80srule

    Take the challenge...

    Tough since I tend to say what I have recently listened to as it is the first thing that comes to mind That would be GNR - 14 years
  9. hardrock80srule


    No Cd release? Good Stuff but does me know good if its digital download only.
  10. hardrock80srule

    Bad ManKeys

    This is much better than I expected. They have a lot of potential.
  11. hardrock80srule

    Part of reason this board is dying

    I can't believe this thread was ever started. Why in the world would we knock someone for posting new band releases even if some are not to everyone's taste. I for one was regularly checking he board for martinsane posts. I could easily say this about many other bands that are posted by other users that are pure junk. I would guess this post may cause those posters to quit posting and that is a shame. I love the posts and suspect many others do whether they are willing to outright say it or not.
  12. hardrock80srule

    Stitched Up Heart - Never Alone

    Wasn't sure what I thought of this at first. That screaming after awhile drives me crazy. However it's got enough Power & drive to keep me hooked.
  13. hardrock80srule

    Silence Lost

    I like the name and the song is decent. Will need to check out some more songs from this band
  14. hardrock80srule


    Good Song! I am interested and will check this out
  15. hardrock80srule

    Steven Adler's - Back From The Dead

    After listening to the clip/video i picked this up the other day. Great cd with multiple good songs. However this has to be one of the cheapest made cds I have in my collection. The first time i played it track 2 skipped. Now it seems to play fine This came through Amazon and I see now below the listing it reads: CD-R Note: This product is manufactured on demand when ordered from Amazon.com. I will have to keep that in mind next time I order through them

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