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Hello to all....


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Hi everyone, I have been coming to HH for a long time. I do alot of hunting for gems at every store/yardsale/convention/pawnshop/online i can find. I collect/sell/trade cd's and cassette's. Never got into vinyl....but maybe someday.


Some info...


I am 41 and basically grew up in Detroit Rock City. Now i am living in Grand Rapids, Mi.


I love all types of Hard Rock/Glam/Heavy Metal/Stoner Rock...ect. So much stuff i enjoy.


I sell alot of stuff on ebay


I use this site for info when i find a band i never heard of.


My collection of stuff rise's and falls all the time.


Other stuff i dig besides music collecting...Movies, Video games, toys(action figures), football(NFL & College).


Anyways i wanted to say hi, and i look forward to talking to all of you.

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Welcome aboard mate and feel free to have your say on anything and anyone :drink:

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Sharkman eh? Any relation to this guy?




LAND SHARK - Cleverest species of'em all!


Seriously tho, salutes and hoots, welcome 'n' all that...

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HAHA, no, no relation to the Land shark, Sharkman is a tattoo i got back around 1986. If anyone is familiar with surfing he is Maui & Sons mascot.

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Another dude from Michigan...I'm not too far from you. Welcome



welcome,sir UGH! any white ash singe availiable?


When did this become my welcome thread?


Post #10 I guess. At any rate, welcome to you as well!

I'm waiting for the white ash answer. :popcorn:

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Welcome ! Enjoy the ride !! :drink:

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