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  1. I totatly dig QT movies. And i can't wait for Inglorious Basterds!!!
  2. And i highly recommend the OUTLANDER. One of my fave's this year! I got the Blu-ray canadian import!
  3. Just got the UK Blu-ray Import of Equilibrium. F-ing awesome!!!!
  4. Ifyou have any problems finding it or any questions, post here. And remember all are welcome, no matter what your skill level is!
  5. All are welcome, on www.cbssportsline.com , Name your team after Fave Rock/Metal band! League Name: R-n-R 4-EVER League Type: Public Draft Date: Sunday August 23, 2009, 10:00 PM ET Draft Style: Live Draft Goodluck and hope you all join!
  6. Yeah i wanna playin a league maybe i'll create one and see who joins!
  7. Greetings from SHaRKMaN
  8. And sorry sharatan i don't have any White Ash......yet!!!!!
  9. And Thanks for all the "Welcomes"
  10. HAHA, no, no relation to the Land shark, Sharkman is a tattoo i got back around 1986. If anyone is familiar with surfing he is Maui & Sons mascot.
  11. And i can't wait for INGLORIOUS BASTERDS!!!!
  12. I actually dug Deathproof but i have been a fan of grindhouse/b-movie my whole life.
  13. Is there anygood sites that deal with cassette tapes? Demo's and Officia lreleases?
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