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Ted Poley's Greatestits


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I wasn't aware that he had any hits.... Let alone 2 cd's worth....

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Put your head between them and go 'Glubble glubble glubble' ;)


That's what we call a Brumsky.


She's giving them a helping hand up though......but who really cares....Glubble glubble glubble yum yum yum for sure :tumbsup:

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I wasn't aware that he had any hits.... Let alone 2 cd's worth....



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I just gave in and ordered this, despite my reservations about the price, and emailed Ted to ask if it was still ok to get it signed, even though it wasnt a preorder.

He emailed back saying that it would be no problem, and was real friendly and complimentary when I thanked him.


Nice to see some people still have respect for their fans.

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Interestingly just noticed that Amazon.co.uk is taking pre-orders for an August release, and it has this cover.

I can only assume that by the time it comes to supplying Amazon, the name will have changed.

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Im gonna pay some respect To Ted. I think that a lot here know who he is. Someknow what a cool guy he is. A man that will always give his fans 100%. And probably go out of his way to do so. I honestly think so! Maybe I missed it, but in all the years Ive been on music message boards, I cant remember anyone saying something bad about the man. Just a good human being and a very cool guy! Helluva singer too. ;)


I corresponded with Ted a few times by email this past weekend. On Thursday I had questions about his Greatestits CD. He answered right away. I ordered The CD on Friday and by Monday it was in my mailbox. He even autographed it. And threw in one of his guitar picks!!How many guys (artists) will take care of their fans like that. Not enough for sure.


But Ive played the the 2disc CD twice already. And its in my car now to play again. You know hes been in all those great bands and played with some really great people. Those songs are on the CD! It includes some great classics from many of his bands, some rare unreleased tracks and two new songs. How many CDs, let alone dble CDs can you buy for $22.00? Its got 35 songs on it! Damn It, this is a great deal for a great CD from a great guy!


You know you want it. Hurry up and you too can have the Cd that has the pic of some great Tits on the front. :) Thats why I hurried and ordered it. Not really Ted. But I do love Boobies!!


Anyway I wanted to let you all know what your missing. And to say my Thanks to Ted!!



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Yeah I agree about Ted, as one of my posts above will attest, he is a nice guy.

When I thanked him for still signing the CD, even though it wasnt a preorder, he said "I do it all for you!".

Thats a guy who appreciates his fans.


Over the years I have chatted to a few rock stars via email, and its surprising how many of them are willing to go out of their way to chat to people.

The friendliest people I have spoken to over the years have to be Ted, Steve West, Bill Leverty, Stevie Rachelle and Michael Sweet.


Stevie was another guy who appreciates his customers.

I ordered a few CDs off him, and one of them (Pete Lorans solo CD) had gone missing as he had recently packed things up during a move.

He emailed me to let me know he would refund me for the disc, and let me know if it ever turned up.

When I recieved my package, he had chucked in Kings of the sunset strip and Hey thats what I call Sludge for free to make up for the inconvenience.

I emailed him again a few weeks later to check on the Loran CD, but it still hadnt shown up.


Class acts.

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Should be a cool Steel Panther single cover art

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Well there ya go, not is he a nice guy, but he is also someone who has proved that people who claim that postage from USA to UK takes up to 28 days, to be liars.


Ordered it on the 24th, got it on the 30th...less than a week!

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Just seen he has reissued this album with a new cover, or rather covers.

Its apparently done in an accordian style with six different covers that you can select which one you want to display.

They are all minor reworkings of other bands album covers, with Teds face put onto them.

So far I have only seen three of them.

Danger Danger - Screw it (Teds face on the monkey)

Nirvana - Nevermind (Teds face on the baby)

Queen - News of the world (Teds face on the robot)


What seems to also be a cool idea for those that already own it with the tittie cover, is that if you really want all the covers but dont want to rebuy the CD, you can just buy the new cover on its own.

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    • Pretty solid for what it is, but sadly, no killer track for me. The title track and 'King Of The Dead' and 'Taste Your Tongue' are my favourites, but none of this will be on my 2022 playlist.  
    • All in all it's a pretty decent album. First two songs and the tasty 'Say Farewell' are my picks of the lot, but everything on here's pretty solid. Biggest critique would probably be that it's all pretty similar and one-dimensional. But it's a pretty solid dimension.  
    • I guess this one's okay in places. Some cool metallic riffs here and there but overall not overly exciting. Solid for what it is, and I imagine Sword die-hards will probably dig it. 
    • Yeah, I was reading your list thinking that I was happy for you that you were that invested in your favourite albums this year. The albums in my list are far better than those, lol but I'm not sure I'm quite as passionate about them as you are about your top 10. Not sure, I say, as I will wait until the end of the year to see how my penned thoughts end up.  Anyway, I'm going to check out this VHS Collection thing tomorrow to see what that's all about. Otherwise, of your list, that Iron Allies one must be the curveball of the year, surely. Cannot for the life of me personally see what you see in that, but to each one's own, and glad you dig. 
    • Well I love my top 10 and it was basically impossible separating them. All killer albums imo. 
    • Pretty crazy, what's going on in China at the moment. Thank goodness you'd never see something like that happen in Austra- oh. Uh, as you were. There must be plenty of videos like this out and about at the moment-    
    • Haha, a couple of you guys keeping pretty quiet about changed minds on synthwave, after being pretty vocal about how terrible it is/was? I must say, I never got into the dark synth stuff like Dance With The Dead... more for the fact that I need vocals with the synthwave I really dig. I've actually heard a few dark synth bands this year I've passed on, with vocals, that I wonder if there'd be interest in here? Just gotta try to remember who they were...  As for the best of the year, not sure what to make of this year. There's an absolute tonne of good to very good albums, but when I look at the top end I'm not exactly blown away by any amazing albums. Good ones, and a lot of really excellent songs this year... but my highest rated album this year is 82%... which is a good album, but nothing looks like even threatening the 90% mark this year, which seems extremely unusual. The best of last year, for instance, seems a lot better than the best of this year. Still, I can't complain as there's been a lot of good music... just not as many great entire albums. 
    • Another band ruined by frontiers.
    • Yeah, sad news. Even though she was a quiet achiever in that group with Stevie getting most of the attention, she sings Lead on two of my favourite "Fleetwood Mac" tracks. "Little Lies" is a Killer. R.I.P.      
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