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I'm off for a bit

Nick C

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Well folks,


I guess I'll see y'awl in a week or so. We're off to Espania tomorrow to visit the in-laws in a quiet little place called Almiyate which is basically a bar a couple of shops and a dry dirt road which the farmers use to walk their bulls up to wherever! So I better take this chance to say see ya in case I don't get on the PC again!

Hope you have a good time.....Faron i fully expect you to pass me in the post stakes over the next week so a big congrats....if you don't I'll be most disappointed and will abandon piracy in disgust...for an hour or so yarrgghh!.

Hopefully when I get back a few CDs / DVD's will have dropped through the post especially that bloody Saga Contact CD/DVD that Jez has had for 50 years now!


See ya soon folks....don't have tooooo good a time though without me! :beerbang:

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Enjoy Spain, mate !! Have a great time ! :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang:

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Whoops, I mean have a good holiday, mate. Can't wait to see your new tan and we'll party when you get back. Have a good one. :)

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If you're going to be mainly on the plain, make sure to wear your slicker, cuz that's where most of the rain in Spain falls.

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