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Do you walk or drive to the nearest shop?


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Depending on how close or far away you are from your nearest convenience store, fo you walk or are you like a few people I know, inclined to climb into the car for a few hundred yards(at most) journey?


I personally walk everywhere (within reason) :tumbsup:

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I walk from my car to the entrance of the store.

I'm a fuckin' fat ass!!! :dance:


I sweat just lookin' at this little red man dance :loser:





I walk it....or better still have my wife walk it!

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I walk anywhere I can. We're within walking distance to our closest huge shopping center, but sadly what we buy there is often too much to bother carrying home (it's about a 15-20min walk).


To the local little shop down the street I always walk.

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...usually just skip from store to store and whistle Judy Garland tunes. :wacko:



I'm trying desperately hard not to, but the picture of that keeps appearing in my head for some reason. ;)

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