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IMPORTANT: Browser window behavior - what do you prefer?


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I'm working on some tweaks and additional features for the main site. However, I'm not sure what kind of popup/new window behavior people prefer.


For example:


If you log into the main site and browse to a CD page, you can click on "See All Ratings" to pop open a window that lists all the ratings that have been given to that CD. You can then click on each username and see all the CDs that user has rated.


Now... assume that the artist and titles in that list were live links.


1. Would you want the pages for the bands or CDs to ( A ) open yet another window, making a total of 3 open, ( B ) open in the current smaller window that has the list, or ( C ) open in the *original* main page on HH that you came from?


2. Assuming the answer is ( A ) or ( C ), upon clicking the link in the list window, should the list window ( A ) remain open, or ( B ) automatically close?


The more features and lists I add to the site potentially make navigation messy. I suppose I could make ALL pages open in the same window rather than opening new ones, but I personally like to have lists and "minor branch" pages NOT take me away from my original/main page.


What do people prefer?





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1. ( C ) open in the *original* main page on HH

2. ( A ) remain open



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1.) A

2.) A


Thanks for wanting opinions Dan... That's what makes this site such a good one. :beerbang:

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1. C


2. A


If I want to open the link in a new window I'll right click on the link and do it myself. Sometimes I like a new window if I'll be coming back to the main page, sometimes it's just a quick look for some info I'm after so then the same window is fine.

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