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  1. Exactly. I pointed the discrepancy because the recipient was given a picture of a paper label, but the tracking # is clearly from an online-generated label that was never submitted to the system... so there's definitely more to the story here. Mbutt needs to explain himself better before playing the victim.
  2. Okay, so he used paper labels. That explains the custom slip #. I'm still puzzled why the EMS tracking says "Label created, not yet in system" because to my experience and by simple logic this could only happen when the label is purchased and generated online... Anyway, good luck with solving this.
  3. Not taking sides or anything, I'm just curious about a small detail: if the EMS label was purchased online, as it seems to be the case from the tracking info, where does the second "customs label tracking #" comes from? Unless I'm utterly mistaken, when purchasing EMS labels online they do not have such number? It is only available if you go "oldschool" and use fill-in paper labels from the post office. Just wondering you know.
  4. Double 2CD Set, featuring over 2 hours of melodic metal MHR/AOR from Sweden with bitter-sweet melancholic edge. Featuring Henrik Johansson & Micke Därth (ex-Twilight/Beyond Twilight) and Peo Pettersson (Leviticus, Axia) on vocals.
  5. Nothing personal, I just think the other two are more capable.
  6. You should retain Nea and Mija on permanent basis. Although Elin is a definite keeper too!
  7. MASQUERAGE - Breaking the Masks: 17 Years Anniversary album Something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue. This album contains several selected tracks from Masquerage's debut album, completely re-recorded to showcase the current band line-up and to reveal the true potential of the tunes, plus several brand-new songs to showcase what's upcoming, as well as two killer cover tunes by the mighty Stormwitch and Thin Lizzy. Coming soon: Audio samples: https://stormspell.bandcamp.com/album/breaking-the-masks
  8. 1¢ shipping worldwide at our CDBaby Store! As part of their "Cyber Monday" deal CDBaby have a 1-cent shipping available on all orders (no minimum order quantity!). The deal will be valid through Dec 4th at 11:59pm PST Our new releases at SSR CDBaby store: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/StormspellRecords In other not so happy news we are still stuck moving and our own store wont reopen until after the X-mas holidays, apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support!
  9. stormspell

    BACKHILL - Rich Inside

    Axl... hmm, interesting comparison. To me personally it is much more related to bands like Sonata Arctica, To/Die/For, Avantasia, with a touch of Savatage and even some Jon Bon Jovi (Blaze of Glory circa) thrown in for flavor. It is very diverse album spanning from fast crunchy melodic power metal, through hard-rocking tunes, to an acoustic ballad.
  10. stormspell

    BACKHILL - Rich Inside

    Oh well... at least we didn't disappoint and lived up to your expectations
  11. stormspell

    BACKHILL - Rich Inside

    I'm not familiar with that CD-R release, must be something Kimmo has done on his own. In other news there is also a new MASQUERAGE coming out later this year. Described as "significantly heavier" compared to Backstabber.
  12. stormspell

    BACKHILL - Rich Inside

    Here's a mash-up teaser for the album: Teaser for the upcoming debut album "Shadow Man". Coming out soon via Stormspell records Backhill is a solo project by Kimmo Perämäki (Masquerage, Crow´s Flight, ex-Celesty) Kimmo Perämäki: vocals, guitars, keyboards & bass Marko Ylä-Häkkinen: drums Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Kimmo Perämäki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlD7rn_BXeA
  13. stormspell

    BACKHILL - Rich Inside

    Very cool DIY video of the upcoming BACKHILL album, shot exclusively with Nokia Lumia 925 smart phone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwNk65qHHmo Backhill is a solo project of Kimmo Perämäki (Masquerage, ex-Celesty) Music video from upcoming debut album "Shadow Man" Music by Kimmo Perämäki Lyrics by Marko Ylä-Häkkinen Kimmo Perämäki: vocals, guitars, keyboards & bass Marko Ylä-Häkkinen: drums Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Kimmo Perämäki Filmed by Timo Katajamäki Directed & Edited by Kimmo Perämäki Lights by Timo Katajamäki The video has been shot with a Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone.
  14. stormspell

    Delaying donation drive until Feb. 2015

    Is it time yet
  15. That's not true. Dave has screwed US customers too, I never received my last order from him back in the day. Luckily it was small enough. I don't think he did it on purpose, he was just extremely unorganized. I know people who has been to his house, wadding through piles of stock and countless envelopes all over on the floor, many of which never opened (this was back in the lday when people still used to send money orders).

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