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  1. Exactly. I pointed the discrepancy because the recipient was given a picture of a paper label, but the tracking # is clearly from an online-generated label that was never submitted to the system... so there's definitely more to the story here. Mbutt needs to explain himself better before playing the victim.
  2. Okay, so he used paper labels. That explains the custom slip #. I'm still puzzled why the EMS tracking says "Label created, not yet in system" because to my experience and by simple logic this could only happen when the label is purchased and generated online... Anyway, good luck with solving this.
  3. Not taking sides or anything, I'm just curious about a small detail: if the EMS label was purchased online, as it seems to be the case from the tracking info, where does the second "customs label tracking #" comes from? Unless I'm utterly mistaken, when purchasing EMS labels online they do not have such number? It is only available if you go "oldschool" and use fill-in paper labels from the post office. Just wondering you know.
  4. Double 2CD Set, featuring over 2 hours of melodic metal MHR/AOR from Sweden with bitter-sweet melancholic edge. Featuring Henrik Johansson & Micke Därth (ex-Twilight/Beyond Twilight) and Peo Pettersson (Leviticus, Axia) on vocals.
  5. Indeed, 2000 was a disaster. Supreme court intervened, practically giving the presidency to Bush, and later it was revealed that the recount would have favored Gore... Having Deja-vu 16 years later is something I'd definitely like to avoid (plus the wars and recession that comes with it). I agree. There also should be unified voting laws across all states, to avoid what is happening in Pennsylvania right now. I believe the costs associated with the recount are going to be paid by Stein, hence the estimation of 9-10M needed for the effort. That's actually not true. The state-wide effort has been blocked, but county-by-county recounts are continuing and Stein is bringing the issue to Federal court on Monday. Here's the detailed explanation as per Stein's campaign e-mail I've got this morning: "Have you heard the latest rumor corporate media is spreading? They are telling the public that were dropping the recount in Pennsylvania. That could NOT be further from the truth! We are not dropping out - we are escalating. Since we filed a contest of the election and supported the voter-initiated recount in Pennsylvania on Monday, November 28, Donald Trump and the right wing opposed us at every turn, exploiting Pennsylvanias antiquated election laws and messy and bureaucratic election system to block recounts wherever possible. Voter initiated recounts are underway in Philadelphia, Allegheny and Lehigh counties among others. In act, we covered almost 40% of the state! In Philadelphia, for example, the Elections Commission approved a recount in 75 precincts in which voters requested one butthe Commission denied a full forensic audit of the voting machines, opting instead to simply run the ballots back through the machines, which will not guarantee the integrity of the vote. We are working to guarantee the integrity of each vote and election integrity depends on you and your support. Pennsylvania has by far the messiest recount process of the three states, and one of the worst state election laws in the nation. And corporate media is at it once again. They did not do their homework and have started rumors about the campaign dropping the recount in Pennsylvania. We are not dropping the recount. We are escalating the fight and bringing it to the federal courts. Make no mistake the Stein campaign will continue to fight for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania. We are committed to this fight to protect the civil and voting rights of all Americans. Over the past several days, it has become clear that the barriers to verifying the vote in Pennsylvania are so pervasive and that the state court system is so ill-equipped to address this problem that we must seek federal court intervention. As a result, on Monday the Stein campaign will escalate our campaign in Pennsylvania and file for emergency relief in federal court, demanding a statewide recount on constitutional grounds. Jonathan Abady, lead counsel" 7M have been raised so far, of which 5M have been spent on filing fees already. Its all explained in detail on the Recount page at Stein's website. If there are any money left, they will be used for the Standing Rock, which is more than fine with me. I've donated only $50 anyway
  6. Stein went for those 3 states because of the statistical evidence of significant deviations (more than 7%) between machine vs manual votes. Whatever her reasons could be, I'm glad she initiated the recounts. I'm also disappointed by Clinton's non-involvement stance on this. We all know that if the tables were turned Trump would have been all over it. In fact, his campaign lawyers are already fighting actively the recount in Michigan. One has to wonder what they could be so afraid of...
  7. Well, of all people Jill Stein was the one to call for investigation and recount on the machine-counted votes in the 3 swing states in question. Yesterday she started a fundraiser and already raised well over $4.5M - more than enough to fund the recount costs, so we shall see what will transpire. Maybe we wont have to suffer Pence after all (who imo is a lot more scarier than the Donald and would be the true driving force from behind) but in such case we definitely could have a civil war on our hands, beating UK to it.
  8. Yeah, its definitely a possibility. Especially once all those people who voted him in realize they still own their guns, but have lost their food stamps, Medicare, and Social security. No magnificent wall and no jobs coming back...
  9. Hillary would be an okay president and hopefully we can finally get an universal single-payer healthcare and breach the gap to the civilized world, at least in that regard.
  10. You should retain Nea and Mija on permanent basis. Although Elin is a definite keeper too!
  11. She was beautiful: http://929nin.com/what-ever-happened-to-the-woman-who-got-her-face-tattooed/ In any case, after seeing her boyfriend (now husband) I can understand why he wanted to slap his name over her face, practically ensuring no other man would ever want to be with her... crude, but effective method to claim a woman for his own, I guess, haha
  12. I've been always fascinated by this (insert your own definition) chick who got married on the same day she met a tattooist dude and got his name inked across her face on the same evening...
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