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  1. Real Down Town- Vigilantes Of Love
  2. Real World- Foreigner
  3. Love Is On The Way- Holy Soldier
  4. Fire and Love- Guardian
  5. Girls on Film- Duran Duran
  6. Girl from Lebanon- Europe
  7. Summer night city- ABBA
  8. An Innocent Man- Billy Joel
  9. Metal Health- Quiet Riot
  10. No no no! Definitely the 1984 one! It's the best movie ever
  11. PetraGirl86


    That's exactly what my friend said! 😆
  12. Yeah, it's so much more boring! Crush is alright and I like some newer songs, but I really wouldn't call their newer stuff amazing or even that good. They're 80s into early 90s is the best, but it definitely went downhill from there.
  13. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂
  14. PetraGirl86


    I don't want to seem like an asshole child as well, but I haven't been out and about for fun since……… July or August and even then it wasn't much. I would ignore them too, but only because I'm not worried about it (I know the rest of you are and I understand why but you won't understand because you're too busy being worried) and because I never have any fun and this winter was hard. It's the meanest thing, this virus, and I don't find it scary, worrying, intimidating, or anything, and I'm going to continue my life as normal, and any chance to go outside and away from my house I'll take. Those kids though that are ignoring the rules, they are worse than I am because they actually get to go out more and they don't have any respect. I have respect, I just need to get out and release something inside of myself that's been trapped since the start of winter.
  15. Every new years eve my family watches Groundhog Day! I love that movie! 😄
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