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    Writing poems

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  1. Bloodrush- Trashcan Sinatras ( idk if thats against the rules or not, as a connected word)
  2. Years Later- Cactus World News Guys let's keep to the previous song please
  3. Ya I have ———— Rise Like the Lion- The Violet Burning
  4. Sympathise With Us- The Mighty Lemon Drops Prefab Sprout's been a favourite for a couple years, but I was stuck on one album hahaha. Now I'm in love with their first album. It's called 'Swoon' for a reason!
  5. I Never Play Basketball Now- Prefab Sprout
  6. Ya I guess I've grown out of that other people as your profile picture phase. Thanks 🤓
  7. Hehe I've been revisiting various forums I used to hang out on One thing seems to be in common: everyone always thinks I'm some old geezer pretending to be another member on the forum hiding behind my screen As you can see, I'm not, but I guess it's funny nowadays Anyways thanks I guess : )
  8. Movin the River- Prefab Sprout
  9. This is one of my three very favorite songs Hope it's not already been posted by me or otherwise
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