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  1. Ohh hahahaha! I think it was an accident I’ll reply the same reply and it’ll be like Groundhog Day Lol thanks again, mate
  2. Cool beans, dude! I don't like them because they're a Christian band, although that definitely has something to do with it, (after all, they did kind of bring me before Jesus), but I just love them a little more each time I hear them. I fell in love with them in January and all I listened to was them.
  3. Thanks! It was a really great day It didn't start off on a sour note, I was feeling amazing today! Even as I was writing to Geoff I was being as nice as I knew I should because I was feeling great. . . Thanks again all! You're all pretty cool : D
  4. I see- I'll answer on the other post since Darkstone has
  5. Silence Screams- Rez Band
  6. Man & I thought I was supposed to avoid Cody. . . How come everyone is so hateful of him anyway? He's actually nice- geez and his head isn't metal when it comes to things like Without Your Love. Geoff, you're not nice at all, I don't care if everyone else thinks I'm terrible for saying this but I think you're overrated and mean and hateful and the worst atheist, also, why Pat yourself on the back for 'good prices'? A good atheist would at least listen to Christians, not tear them down. Unless you pride yourself on being that way. I don't see why everyone love you so much- do rude people really get more attention? If so it can't be much desired attention. I prefer friends who are nice, not completely self-centered Also- it's not that you don't like Whitecross, that's perfectly fine, but then you didn't even need to drop an opinion, as obviously it was directed at people who do like them + Whiteheart, but the way you went about it was completely uncalled for. There, I'm done, I'm not upset, I just hate your attitude. Back to the topic (You can PM me if you wanna bite back- refrain from my post with insults now; including people who want to "stick up" for Geoff)
  7. I think you shouldn't've even joined the conversation, as you had almost no relevance and just made an excuse to be rude to Christians. You could've found a nicer way to say that instead of making snarky comments So I would suggest removing yourself, and no matter how tempted I am to say something back in gonna ignore you, say you try to keep sticking around being a a-hole to everyone. Peace, I'm done because I'm sick of every post of mine getting turned into an argument against you or someone else (usually you).
  8. Yeah, same here! But these ones are tuff too (WhiteHeart's just looks cool,)
  9. My favorites are Walk With Me, Behold, My Love, Full Crucifixion, Windows, & King of Angels. Inside, No Apology, The Flame Passes On, & Black is White
  10. Goodbye Cruel World is a great song! But I have many lonely opinions as well
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