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  1. I take anyone saying I'm mature or younger than I seem as a compliment
  2. Man this is really tempting, whether or not he was kidding đŸ˜‚
  3. Well, I can, but I don't think I should put my picture on the internet… It's definitely tempting- I don't like being misthought (is that a word?) about, but it's not really wise
  4. Hahahaha! I suppose you're right about that! Y'know, once I tried downloading tik tok to laugh at it but it took so long to download I didn't even bother.
  5. I take it as a compliment completely! I'm surprised someone would actually notice when I'm gone, honestly. And almost everybody says I'm a little old person, or an old soul. Thanks!
  6. My best friend from Sweden is keeping me sane, I know that
  7. Hi guys, whatchu all been up to? I haven't done anything exciting this year and I'm about ready to go cut Gov. Waltz's throat, and now I have to do school too. Thank GOD I'M HOMESCHOOLED. I can't stand being on the computer for longer than an hour and doing online school would be But I'm SO DANG BORED. I've been so bored I'm afraid I've gotten used to it, but that's my friend's fault since she won't do anything with me. My parents are busy enough with stuff I don't need to explain on here, and my only friend near me is busy every stinkin weekend. So I write and bake all the time. All. The
  8. Don't really honestly feel like checking this out. Up through against the law is great, but not really after that. Also, I can't stop laughing at "the holy bumblebees" đŸ¤£ You sound like my sister when you say that
  9. Real Down Town- Vigilantes Of Love
  10. Love Is On The Way- Holy Soldier
  11. Girls on Film- Duran Duran
  12. Girl from Lebanon- Europe
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