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  1. And You Know- Brighton Can’t find a video for it though
  2. I'm not buying it, I have a faith and I'm gonna keep it.
  3. Why would you bring that up out of this thread? I've already caused enough trouble as it is. I'm keeping out. I don't know science and I'm still thinking Geoff's message through so I can answer him. You guys have yourself a jolly little argument or agree on whatever you like I'm outta this one.
  4. That's what my mom said! She had an Australian classmate and she brought a jar to school. My sister had me try some- it's very salty and not my favorite. But that's pretty cool!
  5. Metal Health -Quiet Riot
  6. Oh…… sorry that really made me laugh 😂
  7. My sister once had a dream where I was about 5 and I fell over the railing of our stairs which are pretty high up and died.
  8. One Saturday last month I woke up disturbed because my pastor was preaching really bad stuff in the dream and then everybody was running around Echo with rainbow flags and then a guy in a bun came with some mini ones and tried to steal my precious 9 year old sister. So on Sunday I didn't feel much like going to church. I hate bad dreams
  9. Mike Avsec wrote it for Wild Cherry? Who changed their band to Fair Warning. From what I understood he was in it but I could be wrong. Other bands recorded it but those were covers of Bon Jovi's song
  10. i like the one in This One by Whitecross ~This One gave all of heavens glory for you~ & Tonio K.'s True Confessions. The melody is better than the words though.
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