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  1. Not sure if these were released or not as they have popped out quite a bit since LBWET. YouTube these Hands of my Radio & Candle in the dark This band could have easily made for studio recordings with all these demos.
  2. Nice find. I have an 8 track demo (cdr) from them I traded for years ago. My cover lists, Reese Thomas (voc), Gary Dyer (guitar), Butch Nation (bass), Christopher Lee Nation (drums). I believe they were from Boston. Definitely something like these needs to be reissued on CD. Year is 1991.
  3. Hi! I'm interested in from your list these cd's:COURT JESTER,SAY-HEART STILL BEATS and the ATOMIC UP cd!What you want for exchange?Let me know!My contact inform: sopetya@t-online.hu I'll waiting for your reply!Thanks,Peter

  4. Finally, the new Ratt (Japanese press) with bonus disc. Paid alot but I feeel it's worth it.
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