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Found 6 results

  1. Danger is working on their debut album and a new single will be released in February next year. Finally they got their act together to record a proper album... DANGER: Rob Nasty - bass and vocals Rob Paris - guitar Mackey Gee - drums Jesse Kid - vocals, guitar
  2. from various internet sources: POINT RIOT is a relatively new band from Sweden. The guys released a promising EP last year and now are back with a full length album titled "Dead Man's Hand". The four-piece are all about classic things in traditional hard rock, with a straight twin guitar attack and powerful vocals. Point Riot's hails from Sweden, but in terms of sound they come out like the classic hard rock style from Germany, with some 'Americanisms' here and there. Title track 'Dead Man's Hand' starts the proceedings with groovy riffs, raspy vocals and a stadium-ready chorus plenty of fist-in-the-air 'ohh-ohs'. The rhythm section feels oiled and there's lots of swirling guitar licks and wah-wah pedal effect. The tandem riffs in 'Time' and 'Let Me Go' are where Point Riot sounds German to my ears with some Sinner on it, on the other hand, 'Raise Your Hands' reminds me of a WASP track, anthemic and heavy yet plenty of melody. It happens that, at places, singer Ted Friberg sounds like Blackie Lawless. 'Moonstruck' adds a bit of modernity with darker riffs, 'Sweet Addiction' brings another load of groove, 'Falling' returns to the Teutonic classy feel, and the short closer 'Heartbreak City' sports another 'shout it out' chorus not far of some WASP from the '80s. While Point Riot has a lot to improve, the quartet has the chops and the classic hard rock lesson well learned. An external producer with experience in this matter could make wonders with this band. Let's see if Point Riot can make it big in the near future. Good stuff. 01 - Dead Man's Hand 02 - Moonstruck 03 - Raise Your Hands 04 - Time 05 - Sweet Addiction 06 - Let Me Go 07 - Eighteen 08 - Falling 09 - Heartbreak City Ted Friberg - Lead Vocals, Guitar Anders Pålsson - Guitar Rickard Ekvall - Bass, Vocals Morten Petersen - Drums BUY IT ! www.facebook.com/commerce/products/648425808615277 .
  3. TASTE is a Swedish band of KOR (Keyboard Oriented Rock, just an sub-genre of AOR) founded by brothers Christoffer (lead vocals, guitars) and Felix Borg (bass, drums). It's thanks to social networks (who said FB ? ) that I've discovered them. The duet offers, in 2012, a self-titled release well-produced and entirely available via streaming, legal download. Due to the growing success of their music, they are currently searching a deal and then a physical release! Wait and see!!! Here, their influences: FM, GIANT, DANGER DANGER, EUROPE, TREAT, BON JOVI and H.E.A.T. Streaming link: http://soundcloud.com/tastetheband Download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/taste/id561387100 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/taste
  4. Psyckadeli is the band that truly believes in collaborations. Psyckadeli is a modern hard rock band that mixes up their heavy guitar sounds with hypnotic synth parts. With their collaboration together with “hired guns” on vocals and bass for every two songs, there is always something new and fresh about Psyckadeli. So now after making some music videos we would like to know what you think of the music we make. This is our latest music video for the song "Into The Void" Check out our more official music videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZf8_VqVGoEzoPy6tZvRuEroTHaf_5vaX
  5. A couple of new songs by the reformed swedish band Roulette. Hopefully a new album is in the works...
  6. Guest

    Brief Hellacopters reunion

    I know these guys were never more than an underground act in the USA but I think they were pretty popular in Europe, and for me they were one of best European bands of the last two decades. It seems that this reunion took place a couple of years ago, but it's cool to see them onstage again. As the video description says, only Robban missing.
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