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  1. martinsane

    Old School Novelty Songs

    A few of my favorites: The cover by All: This video covers a grip of fun ones from Itsy Bitsy Teen Weeny Yellow Bikini to Alley Oop, etc...
  2. martinsane

    Cover songs

    Been discussing Anthrax a bit lately and this cover certainly was ground breaking at the time...
  3. martinsane

    Beyonder - Always On The Road

    https://www.facebook.com/beyondermx/ Nice tunes, very 80's metal and the guys voice is very befitting of that sound. And the production is well done too. I like it and the Marvel superhero reference in the band name is geeky enough too.
  4. martinsane

    The Band/Artist you hate the most.

    Good call on the Chili Peppers Geoff. Another band that has escaped logic for their popularity and for me not a listenable tune in their catalog.
  5. martinsane

    The Band/Artist you hate the most.

    For me without a doubt it is Aerosmith. Never did understand the ravenous appeal. Always despised them and can't think of a "Fallen Angel" to appreciate from the band...
  6. martinsane

    Pavement Princess - First Night Out

    A new holiday song & video, nice!
  7. martinsane

    Lipz - Scaryman

    The clip is indeed "pfg". I'll take that EP off your hands.
  8. Been a couple of hot minutes since this band was talked about, but after a quick search I see some of us rather enjoyed their previous efforts. Looks like a new release Sumner Roots is on the horizon for a 2019 release and a couple singles are floating about with a new one just dropped called Baggage Claim. Press release from Thermal Entertainment, courtesy of Doug Weber: FRAMING HANLEY RELEASE SECOND SINGLE TRACK FROM THE NEW ALBUM "SUMNER ROOTS" TODAY https://thermalent.com/framing-hanley-baggage-claim Framing Hanley have released their second single from their upoming album Sumner Roots that is due out early 2019. The song can be streamed or downloaded at all digital outlets at https://thermalent.com/framing-hanley-baggage-claim. Kenneth Nixon on "Baggage Claim" 'I’ve never been a fan of talking about the meaning behind a song to the songwriter, because it’s a songwriter’s goal usually to write a song that someone can relate to themselves. It’s funny, though, because when people hear this song, they’ll likely have a much different takeaway than what this song means to us. This song was written about the stranglehold that music, and moreover, the music industry had on us 4 years ago when we first considered walking away. Just the feeling of wanting to change one’s identity, everything about oneself, to have a fresh start. Yet every time we tried to distance ourselves from music, it was right there; threatening to pull us back under.' The first song "Puzzle Pieces" was released this summer and has already surpassed 2 million streams. The band had released three albums prior to breaking up in 2015. The Moment (2007), A Promise To Burn(2010) and The Sum Of Who We Are (2014) have sold over 200,000 albums, 1.5 million downloads and their music has been streamed over 150 million times on Pandora and Spotify alone. Their official music videos have surpassed over 35 million plays. Radio hits included Hear Me Now, Lollipop, You Stupid Girl, Collide and Criminal. Details for Sumner Roots pre-order bundles will be available soon with the announcement of album artwork and tracklisting. ### For further information, please contact Thermal Enteratinment press@thermalent.com About Framing Hanley Framing Hanley is an American rock band formed in Nashville, TN in 2005. They released their first studio album in 2007. After 10 years the band called it a day playing their final show on August 1st, 2015. The band during their time together released three albums and toured the world. In 2017, Kenneth Nixon and Ryan Belcher got the itch and decided to form a new group in 2017 however after putting some demos together it was time to reform Framing Hanley. Kenneth Nixon stated "For the last few years there was a part of me that I was running away from. When FH ended, I was vocal that 'rock n roll broke my heart.' But as the songwriting process started, I realized that I was just being a bitch and rock n roll was a huge part of my life. Writing together with Ryan again, our sound came back and I knew we had to let fans of FH hear what we had been supressing." Rejoining Nixon and Belcher is bassist, Jonathan Stoye (who joined the band in 2013 replacing Luke McDuffee). Rounding out the band is Nic Brooks on guitar and Shad Teems on drums and piano. Framing Hanley | Facebook Framing Hanley | Twitter Framing Hanley | Instagram Framing Hanley | YouTube The first single from Sumner Roots entitled Puzzle Pieces: Chat it up kiddies!
  9. martinsane

    Love Stallion - Unforgettable Ride

    Review posted up: http://sleazeroxx.com/reviews/love-stallion-unforgettable-ride/
  10. martinsane

    Pavement Princess - First Night Out

    Rather enjoying this effort. My review can be seen here: http://sleazeroxx.com/reviews/pavement-princess-first-night-out/ Nicely placed on the bands website as well! http://www.pavementprincess.nl/ If you haven't added this one to your collection do so. The guys in the band are as nice as can be and the music, well its as nice as the album cover...
  11. martinsane

    Playhouse - The Rock N' Roll Circus

    Good stuff. I posted on SR a looong while ago about this, good to see I got cut out of the loop, but glad they are finally getting this stuff released! https://sleazeroxx.com/montreals-glam-rock-darlings-playhouse-reunited-and-releasing-new-material/
  12. martinsane

    Riptide - Wetter The Better

    He can sing no doubt, after poking about I thought I recognized him as I have seen some of his covers/compilation stuff... Listen to the entire thing as the references and his vocals and other instrumentations are quite excellent.
  13. martinsane

    Tiffany - Pieces Of Me

    And for those that care and all should as red is where it s at, but anyways, she did Playboy as well...
  14. martinsane

    Riptide - Wetter The Better

    I did not see that coming... Very funny but yet so AOR-e... Great find and some good stuff, thanks for the share.
  15. martinsane

    Love Stallion - Unforgettable Ride

    Band sounds great. Simple but effective and from the States which is a rarity these days. https://www.facebook.com/lovestallion/

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