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  1. martinsane

    Harley - Ready To Hurt

    https://www.facebook.com/HarleyRocksOfficial/ Fun and simple like Talks Cheap meets Cinderella.
  2. martinsane

    Chontaraz - Speed The Bullet

    I was initially going to remove myself from the thread based on the ghoul grease paint freeze frame on the YouTube clip, but I persevered and clicked and was pleasantly surprised by a fairly solid modern metal tune with a grip of Rammsteiney electronic elements tossed in. However older clips are full on screamo grossness. https://www.facebook.com/chontaraz/
  3. martinsane

    The End: machine - s/t

    Upon further examination I see that the band is now called The End Machine. This too is a stupid name. I thought in first passing that they were just going by the End and even though that was questionable I let it go.
  4. martinsane

    Piqued Jacks

    Stumbled on this band trolling YouTube and was smitten from the start. Very nice, catchy stuff. At times just a mellow modern rock band, at times a little Jamarouqui... SHRUG https://www.facebook.com/piquedjacks/ Tell me what you think. I think KarpetRyde will dig them.
  5. martinsane


    Didn't see anything here on this very nice prog metal/hard rock band called Mindlane. Seems they have an LP dropping in February of 2019 entitled Darkest Matter. Here is the single: https://www.facebook.com/mindlaneband http://www.mindlane.se/ Looks like this is the bands 3rd release...
  6. martinsane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Ah, well there you go. Glad you enjoyed them. I sure do too. The Case Conflict disc still adheres to the staple of the latest however there is a bit more funk bass and some horns to boot lending itself to a more Apple Pie White Trash kind of vibe at times, yet still rather pleasant.
  7. martinsane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    That was a quick grab, curious to hear your thoughts and where'd you DL it from?
  8. martinsane

    Bad Mankeys~Black Bonus

    Glad someone is appreciating this and you are correct they are a very good band.
  9. martinsane

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    Rather liked that Tommy & The Love Tribe. The Suicide Bombers are a dead ringer for this unknown band, even though they are fairly unknown as well.
  10. martinsane

    The End: machine - s/t

    I too missed this "superstroke" post, very glad they changed the band name as that name was a floater. The song is a good one though and they are all sounding very good together. The songs verse reminds me of an Alice n Chains song but the the rest is a huge 80's anthem, an interesting amalgamation. I am intrigued to hear more and I have always like JP, he is an underated bassist, songwriter and vocalist.
  11. martinsane

    Eonian Records

    Hardy har har, nice pun.
  12. martinsane

    Eonian Records

    Both their FB and Twitter haven't been posted on since December of 2017 announcing a 60% off sale... All accounts including the website are up and running at the moment.
  13. martinsane

    Bad ManKeys

    Bumped for the new thread for the bands sophomore release Black Bonus. If you missed this one check both albums out! Pronto!
  14. martinsane

    Bad Mankeys~Black Bonus

    Some of you may recall the mention of this Finnish hard rock band with its sonic Skid Row meets Slik Toxic meets Ugly Kid Joe meets White Trash sensibilities when I mentioned their debut Case Conflict a few years back... Fast forward and now the band is back with an equally impressive sophomore release entitled Black Bonus. The album just dropped late December of 2018, here is the album cover and track listing and a old video version of track 10 and track 8. Give them a long look as they are very good.
  15. martinsane

    Katy Perry's Tits

    Watching both videos, sound off in the first one of course, and I am still gobsmacked at how tasty KP is. Sigh. And how frickin cool is Vince Vaughn?

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