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Black Stone Cherry - Screamin' at the Sky (September 29, 2023 / Mascot Records)


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New album coming later this year!

01. Out Of Pocket
02. Screamin’ At The Sky
03. Nervous
04. When The Pain Comes
05. Show Me What It Feels Like
06. R.O.A.R.
07. Smile, World
08. The Mess You Made
09. Who Are You Today?
10. Not Afraid
11. Here’s To The Hopeless
12. You Can Have It All

Chris Robertson – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Ben Wells – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Steve Jewell Jr. – Bass

John-Fred Young  – Drums/Backing Vocals


New single "Nervous"


"Out of Pocket"


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2 hours ago, auslander said:

Good band. Cool album art!

Might have buy it overseas as there no distributor in Australia for the Mascot label.

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It's pretty solid, but nothing for my 2023 playlist on this one for me. To me it's a type of modern rock that just seems heavily recycled without anything new (in terms of good songs, imo) being brought to the party. 

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Never really listened to these guys but with new music hitting slow to start in 2024 I've been noting some stuff I've seen on year end lists to check out and this was one I checked out.

Really good album and some solid modern melodic rock.  Kind of reminds me in sound to Lansdowne....Frankly, sounds very similar IMO, especially to Lansdowne's more recent material which has more of a modern sound compared to their Blue Collar Revolver days.   

Think my favorites so far are Nervous, When The Pain Comes, Smile, World and R.O.A.R.  But there's nothing here I'm getting the urge to skip.

Good stuff for a little change of pace.

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