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Somebody please explain this Bedlam song to me


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So how the fuck was this not song not like fucking huge? how was it not discovered by all pop stations and played until you wanna smash your face against a wall? is it just me or could this have not been a smash hit and a universally loved song???



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I do have this record, haven't listened to it or any others in a long while, but aside from the solo and content its lacking that umph of similar bands from this ilk. Think the Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments, Better Than Ezra to name a few.


And to piggy back on DP, every girls a 10 at 3 am.

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6 hours ago, Dead Planet said:

Not every song that sounds killer when you are high, sounds as good the next day...;)

This is 100% accurate

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