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Alfonzetti - Shake My Blood


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From facebook:

Finally!!! In collaboration with Ninetone and to celebrate a new solo release ( more news on that soon)I am so happy to announce that all three of my past solo albums are now out digitally on Spotify,, Long overdue,I know

Good news, indeed




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1 hour ago, Mr.AOR said:

Yep fantastic news, one of my fave vocalists...


He's right up there with the greats of our music.

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Agreed he is a gem of the music we follow, but let's not ignore the fact that the new tune is dreadful. And it makes me worried about this project. His melodic rock / AOR stuff is first class, always. But he's done several other things which are far from great, and if I had to make a guess I'd say this album is going to fall into that category. :(

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  • Stefan changed the title to Alfonzetti - new album in the making
1 hour ago, Stefan said:

New song 'Moving Like A Rolling Stone'.



Rubbish verses, but chorus kind of redeeming. This, however, Matti, is what I'd much rather be listening to-


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Well this is awesome, I'm a huge fan, I really enjoy Matti's, flow, he just has a natural flow that endears you, I personally loved Machine, but really all his shits great, and he's a sarcastic fucker which just upped his value in my book, for awhile he was all about Facebook, not quit Juno Roxas style, but style pretty funny, and brutally honest, Im excited, I havent been stoked about a new release in awhile,

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9 hours ago, lettard said:

Like that,he has a great voice and this has that bluesy/rock vibe he does so well.

He really does, I would like to hear him go full on Southern rock like Tangier style, or 38 Special type rock

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Nice...loooking like another nice Alfonzetti release...andf now the albums half released already :P hint hint

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  • Stefan changed the title to Alfonzetti - Shake My Blood

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