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Bon Jovi - Unbroken (new single)

Captain Howdy

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Its actually from an upcoming documentary/film called "To be of service"


Nothing in  this song will be a surprise to anyone who has heard any newer output from the band, but for me this one feels more at home on The Circle than the most recent album.

Considering the film it is for, its no real surprise the tone it has though.


One thing I would say though is if this is Bon Jovi the band rather than Jon the solo artist, where are the rest of the band in the video?

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I actually like the guitar early on and after the "chorus" but otherwise, that is a shit song. 

I'm also puzzled by no other band members being in the clip too. And was Jon that grey last time we saw him in a video? That's pretty comprehensive greyness.

What a shit song. :( 

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Not really gonna make excuses for the song as despite actually liking a lot of the Jovi newer output I found the last couple (I know one was outtakes) to be very weak, but I do think the tone of the song is actually representative of the film/documentary it is gonna be in.


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